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Barkston Heath Saturday 25th June

John Walton

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Hi John,


I've received two sets of regs in post, but can't see anything about time of arrival or which entrance to use. Is there a restriction on arrival as one car in our party is expected to arrive part way through the morning?


Looking forward to it though ... !


Brian P

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Hi John,


Thanks for posting the info on the forum. I realise now that what I received was not the Regs, it was two sets of the Health & Safety Guidelines - hence no info on time/gate etc. Do I need a copy of the actual Regs? I do have completed entry forms and passenger forms.





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I didn't get the regulations either. And they are not on the previous page of this thread. I got two health and safety bits and the entry form but the regs we usually have that show the gates to get in, a map of the area, tell you to bring cotton overalls and a helmet, the timing of the day etc seem to have gone awol.


Can you add them here if available.



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Guest sje00

Hello guys,


Not sure if many will remember me, but I'm Sonny with the White Peugeot 106 Rallye. I been to the Barkston event 2 years running now with RHOCAR.

I get the invite from one of the members on here, Tom (not sure of the username.)


I got my paper work from Tom the other day. I'm excited for this now! :yahoo:

Also I've got the Ol' Man coming up too (i know i must have been mad to say to him thrashing my car round a track! :fool: )


Feel free to come up and say hi or have a butchers round the car, your more than welcome! :good:


See you all on the day! :D

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I thought I'd be the first to come up with excuses for uncommonly high

"Style points" on Saturday....

One rear shocker leaking oil since coming back from france last week, leading to Tigger impersonations...

High speed misfire....


Visiting Rally design this afternoon, they have the right size GAZ shocks in stock, but whether I can fit them in time?...the existing AVOs have 1/2" bush dia, new ones are metric..


As for the misfire...who knows?

I'll give it a stern talking to tomorrow....!

Still looking forward to Saturday no matter what...except a wet track


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I noticed my car veering to the left when braking when doing the Newark trip so took the front brakes off today to check, all seemed ok but cleaned everything up, hope they are sorted now or I'll be the first to go straight though the cones or into the tyre wall :wacko:

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