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Iva Trim Fitting

David S

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The car is getting very close to finished now but I now need to fit the dreaded IVA trim. It looks pants but it must be fitted. I tried to fit some on the sides of the nose cone at the weekend and it is a real b itch and won't fit.


Any advice for fitting this stuff? Would warming it up first make it more flexible for example?


Also, there are 3 sizes. The smal rubber stuff is clearly for the aluminium panels and that fits OK. The dash side of the scuttle is the large stuff, but what size goes on the mudguards for example? I tried using the medium on the nose cone but it wouldn't hold on and the large struff doesn't seem maliable enough to go round the corners or curves.


I don't want to resort to glue as I have just had the panels painted!

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The stuff I suggested from CBS already has a bead of adhesive inside it. You only want to fit it once though, it's not that the adhesive is strong, just that is you remove the trim it tends to pull the adhesive out of the trim and leave it on the panel (easliy removed though).

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I used this stuff on the edges of my nosecove and mudguards for IVA:




Not the cheapest stuff around but it's fits very easily, forms round tight radii , stay put and looks good.



As per my blog, this is what I used on the wings too, it looks much better than the other stuff.

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