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Large Diameter (16Mm) Ring Terminal For Earth


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The water temp sensor I have doesn't have an earth connection, and it goes into one of car builder solutions cnc'd aluminium housings that also has no earth connection. The temp sensor is 16mm, so I'm looking for a ring terminal that has a diameter of 16mm, which is rather hard to find. RS Online have some, but in packs of 25, costing £20 - which is a lot when I need one ring terminal. I'd rather not drill into the housing to make a custom earth connection. Does anyone have any ideas or know of anywhere that sells large diameter ring terminals?

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Make a washer from heavy (2.5mm ) single conductor copper wire with a tail, all soldered to a flexible flying lead & this to earth.


(Never used to win at "SNAP" either )

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So what does the ally housing connect to?


Temp senders don't usually have an earth - they get it from screwing into something metal like the head or block. On the A-Series the later ones went into the stat housing which is a separate ally lump but it's bolted to the block so all earthed via the block to body straps.



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