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Some folk have asked if this is just a Leicestershire thing.

No it isn`t, its for anyone and its not just for Robin Hoods. I have a Zero and Im going :crazy: come on a bike or a tin top, it does not matter.

Go on the runs or stay in the camp ground, that`s great too.

Let`s just celebrate the summer, the laughs and the cars.



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As promised, here are a few more details

The venue on google maps shows Barsby Lodge Farm . This is NOT the said farm but IS the correct location (Barsby Farm is in fact on the opposite side of the road)

Google mixed up farm houses. The actual farms name is Hill Crest Farm

Hill Crest Farm

South Croxton Road






Tents can be set up Saturday morning if you like.

We will be leaving at 1pm for a countryside run, nothing grueling. Something like the Peaks or the Midland tick which will be decided at our next local meet in a couple of weeks (more details to follow).

Followed by a pub lunch, and then back to the farm to freshen up and dress for dinner. Which will be a hefty BBQ and much beer.


Sunday will start whenever people have the strength and another run is on the cards.

All are welcome and may join in as much, or as little as you want. No pressure.



If you are standing in front of the farm house, the gate you need is a few yards to the right of it. Follow the yellow arrow below.



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Hi Andy, waiting for minor operation I might not be able to attend this event. Sorry


That`s a shame mate... No worries though, get yourself better. There`s only one you and plenty of runs/do`s



I.m working the Sunday, but might pop down on the sat...


Saturday would be great Dan.

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Guest Pauljordan

Andi, think Hoodstock needs a new post or bringing to the front again? Would be good to get some idea of numbers that will defo be coming.

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