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Hi guys thought I would let all know I had to go into hospital on the 16th Nov for an op to remove the top 1/3 of my right lung as it showed signs of cancer to cut a long and painful 3 week stay in Wythenshawe hospital short, they ended taking the whole lung out due to an infection I'm now home again under the care of my loving wife but only firing on one cylinder, but getting better every day, breathing is a bit hard but getting easier day by day


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Peter so sorry to hear of your predicament, we hope and PRAY that all remains GOOD for you.


Remain POSITIVE Positivity is a marvellous tool from your Brain if you wish to be well you will be, remain strong please.


Kindest regards


Steve and Rosemary

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Hi Peter, don't knock just one cylinder.....

I used to have a Matchless 350 that had just one cylinder & that ran just great.


I'm sure you will too......thinking of you

& best wishes to you both.


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I feel you pain and anguish, going back in hospital on Monday for the 5th operation this year. Total miles driven this year a big fat Zero, no pun intended.


Hope you get well soon, stay indoors and dont allow any guests or family members to come near you if they have any flus/viruss until fully recovered. Take care.

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