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It's Snowing! Quick Everyone Drive Into Everything!


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Hope everyone is safe and warm and driving carefully.


Frustrated my all season tyres on my old car don't fit my new one but i guess i don't actually need to go anywhere and prob just end up stuck behind someone. If anyone tells you this doesn't happen on the continent they are lying. Couple of years ago I was stuck for 3.5 hours on a french motorway on the way to skiing as the french were all stuck at the bottom of the mountains trying to fit snowchains. We luckily managed to get off when the police opened a random road across a field and had to find a hotel for the night. My Sister had got there earlier and had been stuck for over 6 hours before they managed to get through.


I've been renovating the house over the past few years and decided to put a 12v battery powered system (mostly just some old car batteries in the garage but aobut £5k cheaper than a tesla powerwall) so just connected up a few 12v led striplights incase the power goes out :)


Hoping for a good foot of snow as there is a road closed near me that would be quite fun to ski down :)


Stay safe

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They have all been driving in to stuff around here as expected. Had one close shave yesterday when a car crashed up the kerb where I had been standing talking to someone a minute earlier. Saw several optimistic manoeuvres where people didn't make corners, three on one particular corner. Half the problem is that we don't get enough bad weather for people to get used to it and know the limits.

Never mind , I'm off work now until Monday hopefully it should have melted by then. The cold wind is something else here today.

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Too cold & windy for sledging --- checked over the 1952 Lister Start-O-Matic generator ( just in case) --- the snow is so dry & powdery that its finding every tiny gap in the door shuts.


Went shopping this morning so we are good to go until Monday.

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Don't let anyone tell you it doesn't snow in California either. 18 inches expected by Saturday. And if you think the drivers would know to slow down you would be wrong again. :help: We get snow here every year at 2800 feet but this year the wife will get to try out the snow shovel I bought her 2 years ago. Not to worry I bought a matching shovel for myself, what a team. :friends:

Hoping for 2 feet of snow;


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Wow, that would be one hell of a snowman!


5 car crash at the bottom of our road Wednesday morning, one pedestrian hit by a car.

Only then did the council grit the road

un gritted roads round here are clear if run east to west got snow drifts if north to east but easy to drive on. gritted roads are like a skating rink

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good lot of snow here on the edge of the forest of dean. I just ski'd down the road i live on :) one of the roads down through the estate was like a proper ski run. Only problem was having to walk back up the hill!

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