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So pretty much every petrol station has signs to say not to use your mobile but i've just seen an advert saying there is an app for your mobile so you can pay for your fuel without leaving the car. So they are actively getting you to pick up your mobile at a petrol station.


People don't listen so even if they say don't do it out of the car i reckon a fair few are likely to ignore that.


hopefully the convienience will out wieght the odd petrol station fire :diablo:

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I used to watch mythbusters which was an American tv show in which the two hosts aimed to either prove or disprove well known urban myths. One of these was the mobile phone in petrol station one. No matter what they did they didn't manage to cause a fire with a mobile phone and they did try hard. They did show however that static caused by somebody sliding their way out of the car and then earthing themselves by touching metal was sufficient to cause a good enough spark to start a fire or explosion. There were even a couple of cctv clips showing this happening. More importantly on another show they proved that it is possible to Polish a t**d.

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Yes it is BS.

I watched an interesting edition of mythbusters whereby they set off a load of mobile phones at the same time whilst in a large tank of petrol and vapour.

Nothing happened.

Static from clothes has caused lots of petrol station fires. Let`s hope they dont ban clothes :rofl:



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Were the petrol station fires in dry american states-- i.e very low humidity? Would have thought lil ol' England was too wet/humid. Never had a static problem when refilling our hot air balloon tanks, they just stood on the concrete; was advised not to fill tanks when in the basket as it could insulate the tank from earth. Another myth??

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