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Wales Weekend Fri 10Th To Sun 12Th August 2018


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Thanks to everyone for getting back promptly with their meal choice for Saturday evening so we can let the venue know and they can plan accordingly. We haven’t needed to pay them a deposit so we can just pay on the day. If we can put cash in the pot to pay it will keep things simple but they will take card payments if required. For Saturday lunchtime we will do what we did last year and do a big picnic. Depending on the weather, we may take a gazebo but hopefully it won’t be needed.

The Forest Coaster is all booked up and paid for and we’re on the 13-00 session on the Sunday so we need to arrive by 12-30 at the latest to get booked in. This should be easily achievable as it’s only just over an hour drive from Nefyn. With the group discount it comes out at £17 per person and £25-50 for adult and under 9 child sharing (just Clare and Jasper). People can pay me on the weekend or if to want to use Paypal / bank transfer then send me a PM.

In a change to previous years it’s been suggested we should avoid meeting as a group at Dobbies near Shrewsbury as getting back out of the place is a nightmare so I recommend that you only go there if you need fuel and instead meet at MONTFORD BRIDGE CAFÉ slightly further up the A5 SY4 1EB around 1100 and then from there continue another 40 miles and stop at the Petrol Station by the Glassblobbery on the A494 Glanrafon, Corwen LL21 0HA where fuel and food is available which will save us the usual problem of stopping at Rhug Farm to eat and then stopping again for fuel.

At the moment I’m not sure whether I’ll go up on Friday or Thursday evening which will give me time to get some other bits and pieces sorted out. Most people will travel up in groups, just let us know what you’re planning and if you’ll be travelling up later.

It’s not too late to join us but you may need to camp as accommodation might be getting more difficult to find as we’re getting closer to the date. Just let us know if you want to come along and we can add you to the Saturday evening food and try and get additional places on the Forest Coaster if you’re interested.

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Sometimes I wonder if I should stick to doing what I do best?

Whats that Richy?

1. Swap gear boxes

2. Comes to members to fix problems

3. Part of the committee

4. Building small caravans

5. Organise spectacular event for club members

6. Doing large scale winter projects


Anything else! Grateful for your support and commitment to Rhoca and members. Thank you

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I may be traveling up later, I am waiting for some of the accommodation to come back to me (Will call them later) but have booked a pod thingy on a camp site (£26 a night) if I cant find b&b as I can cancel upto 48 hrs before. was going to camp but as matt and jazz are not coming could not be arsed with tent.



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