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Wales Weekend Fri 10Th To Sun 12Th August 2018


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What a cracking weekend, despite the variable weather!


Set off on a lovely Friday morning, joined up with the guys en-route as planned. Got to Telford and the heavens proverbially opened up on us, totally and utterly drenched, a quick 20 minute push through it to the Montford Bridge to get the Surrey top fitted - a bit of a case of closing the gate after the horse had bolted, but it made for a nicer journey from there on in, even though the weather let up a little. Got to Nefyn pain-free, no real issues bar a minor throttle cable niggle for one member.


Saturday started off great, a little cool but it soon warmed up, we managed to do a portion of the Evo Triangle before meeting up at Llyn Brenig. Had a nice little razz up the hill, was the first time I got to give the Zero the beans on a proper road. Was good fun. Even got to watch a motorcyclist attempt to morph himself into a half-man-half-2B genetic hybrid with Trev, but (probably thankfully) the attempt failed. Twat.


Weather turned in for the rest of the Saturday and it's probably fair to say it was pretty miserable but to be honest I was chuffed with how the car handled it all, everything worked wonders from the 'roof', to the wipers, to the demisters, it was fairly pain-free as long as you accept a few drips and drops are going to find their way in one way or another. Lovely hospitality at Trawsfynned from Martin, an event-free potter back to Nefyn and a few beers in the hotel lobby - happy days!


Sunday unfortunately took a nose-dive for the worse :D suffice to say I made it home by 5.30pm in the comfortable warmth of a recovery truck after the engine decided to drop the tensioner and slip the belt... borescope tells me bad news; pistons and valves have decided to have a little soiree without asking first, so it's engine strip time. Ah well. Genuinely bemused as to how the tensioner loosened but, well, *bleep* happens as they say. Maybe the ragging on the Saturday didn't help but, oh, she screams so beautifully up those hills it was hard not to give her a beating :). Shame, she was a joy to drive all weekend...


Just to echo my thanks to all the members who made it such an enjoyable weekend, particularly Rich and Jackie who organised it all and very kindly helped transport my daughter around to horsey type affairs on the Friday, and the forest fun on Sunday (looks like I missed a laugh there!)...


Link to pics of some of you :






"You 'ent sin me, roit?"








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Yeah we heard the rattle too just before it happened - it sounded like the exhaust; Lily and I were trying to understand where it was coming from but it was buzzing at a certain low RPM and it honestly sounded exactly like a baffle or somesuch in the silencer... ahh well :)

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Massive thanks to Jackie and Richy for organising the trip again! Once again I appear to have used it for a shake down test and despite various issues along the way, still managed to get home under its own power....albeit a few stops along the way, most notably the middle of the M6 at a traffic jam :help:
Thanks to all those who helped keep the car going, special thanks again to Jackie and Richy for the support on the way home.

Despite everything that went wrong I still had a cracking weekend as usual and reminded me what this club was all about, a shared passion for cars! Even had offer for help from a Marlin owner who had been made aware of an "orange car broken down up the road" so ventured up to see if they could help. Above all though, despite constant badgering, Hannah still maintains she enjoyed her first club trip and I'm not being made single again....however she has refused to get in it again until its all properly fixed and won't break down again......that could be a while :rofl:

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I can only echo what has already been said. Richy and Jackie, you are absolute stars, thank you so much for the effort you both clearly put in to make this an amazing weekend for us all. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, rain and all. Thanks to everyone for making me feel welcome.


I'll have a look at my photos later and see what I managed to take once I took the lens cap off!! :)

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Both Richie and me would like to thank everyone who came to our event this weekend and also your lovely comments. We continue to be amazed by how many of you still enjoy coming, and it was great to meet some new people this year too. It certainly turned out to be a very busy weekend for everyone with plenty of laughs along the way.

If you are planning to come along next year get it in your diaries now, it’s the second weekend of August. I am also relieved that everyone eventually got home safety in the end. Hopefully catch up with some of you soon at one of the meets. xx

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Yep and me, all booked in Nanhoron. To do list created in garage;

1. New tyres probably Rainsport 3

2. Adjust tracking

3. Adjust camber

4. Re-pack silencer

5. Fit rear mud guards

6. Refit rear reflector

7. Get Surrey top from soft bits for sevens

8. Convince Craig he wants to change me again!

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