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Go Pro or other suitable alternative


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I hope that a combination of excellent food and liquid refreshment have not increased girth such that climbing in and out of kits has become 'difficult'!

I am beginning research into a suitable (vastly improved upon) camera for recording the few Hoodie trips that I make. I currently use my dashcam, which isn't bad but I would like much better results.

GoPro Hero 7 beckons me BUT there is no way I would be able to pay anything like that amount - and get away with it! So …. what more economically priced camera do any of you use and has anyone had a delightfully expensive replacement for Christmas and would like to sell off their current piece of kit at a wonderfully reduced 'wife acceptable' price?

Someone may even be able to recommend new but at a cost that I could get my three 'kids' to purchase, as they would then also be able to record the trips they go on, when borrowing dad's hoodie.

'Hoodie New Year' one and all, may we experience the best dry and sunny 2019 weather possible.

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I'd follow the advice of the canny Yorkshire man. The newer go pro camera's do loads of things you will never need, fine if you are making the next star wars epic but not needed on a road car. I think mine is a hero 3 black edition, there should be loads of those available cheaply now as people update and then you can afford some extra batteries and mounts. My children and wife did make a film with mine where the main actors were sticklebacks, following their story from stream to net to bucket and then back again so you can do other things with them if you want. I may put the directors cut on YouTube if I can think of a good title!

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I have been through many.


Go Pro Hero 2, Hero 3, Session, SJCAM 5000, SJ8 Air, Drift Stealth 2, Drift Ghost HD, and a couple of remote bullet cams.

Without exception, the image quality on the GoPros is hands down better than anything else when it comes to rapid motion. If image quality is important to you - I am not talking resolution here, but the camera's capability to compress the image cleanly and quickly with artefacting - then buy yourself a 2nd hand GoPro and be done. As said above, GoPro just keep re-inventing themselves with more models with more features that are largely irrelevant.

If you're after cheap as chips basic camera capability, I'd suggest the SJCAM range too, the older 5000 series is size-compatible with the GoPro so you can share all the accessories.

For helmet cameras (action cams) for motorbike or mountain biking, I would change my recommendation though, the new Drift Ghost X would get my vote hands-down for practicality.

If you are interested, I have a number of cameras I can bring along to the next meet from the above selection and I'd be quite happy to get rid of a few of them so you can check them out and make me an offer on one if you like?

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Many thanks Dan.

I have spoken to my 'kids' about my request for a decent camera to record trips and they are also researching.

When they have got back to me I'll be in a position to respond to your excellent suggestions. Thank you very much.

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