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Robin Hood 2B handbrake


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So the RH 2B creeps very slowly toward completion.  The next task is to mount the handbrake on the centre chassis tubes behind the gear stick.  So those who have done this, do tell me how you set it up.  Did you make a bracket to left the entire handbrake lever above the tubes?  OR remove material from the tubes to drop it down in?  Is the handbrake lever mounted to the side?

Where did you run the handbrake cable? Is it inside the tunnel?  (I already have fuel line and brake line clipped to the underside of the central tubes and don't want this to clash nor am I daft on a snapped cable wrapping itself around the prop shaft)  OR does the cable run on top of the tunnel?  I assume it has to be covered to keep Mr IVA happy.

Any advice, suggestions or photographs are welcome!

Many thanks in advance





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I used thin "splitting" chisels to open a gap between the two top tubes (between the seats ) & with the Sierra handbrake taken apart fitted the H/B lever in this gap , the cables are in the half moon equalising mount & then travel to the rear to enter an adjustment tube ( can increase/ decrease the length of the outer )mounted on right side before entering the outer flexi tubes down to the brake drums on each side. I allowed the cables to cross over in the tunnel which gave an increased radius to the curve; been fine for 8 years & hand-brake is still only two "clicks from OFF to fully ON.

No picture , I'm afraid. 

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I used the standard Sierra handbrake on top of the chassis tube - stood off with some spacers. Shortened the handbrake cable and ran it out through the rear panel. Then boxed it in with ali sheet as part of the center console:-







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The above are very good pictures of my similar set-up --- except I drilled out the rivets to split the handbrake assembly & mounted the lever above & the cable mechanism below the two chassis tubes. Also added an extension tube to the lever so my wife could reach the handbrake with the seat forward.

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I mounted mine on the passenger side sticking up against the tunnel side. I modded the sierra handbrake to get it to stand taller/more vertical so i could reach it. Like most things it's probably down to preference as some might find it hard to pull on the tunnel top and others hard to reach on the passenger side. 


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