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Windscreen washer bottle

Daniel Black

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My superspec has a bag with a pump in it And it's fitted underneath the battery tray or around that area, the tray has a little hole cut out so you can fill it.

I think it only gets used when they check it at MOT


On a separate note I see you still have the metal cooling pipe going across the top of the engine, most of us superspec owners have "re jigged" the cooling system to do away with that pipe, AndyW is your man as I have changed the whole rad as well to something a little smaller but more efficient.

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To my embarrassment I think I am probably the only one that hasn't modified my cooling system.  Other things keep getting in the way 😀   But I promise I will do it eventually.  

For Daniel, Andy describes the modification at https://www.rhocar.org/index.php?/forums/topic/45243-cooling-system-modification/&do=findComment&comment=382237

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I needed the space in my engine bay to reroute some hose and fit a header tank so I moved mine in to the passenger compartment and fixed it up almost out of sight. It's a bit more awkward to fill but I hardly ever need to anyway and it's not in the passengers way. More space in the engine bay is never a bad thing.

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Ditto AndyW - small rectangular bottle above steering shaft.  I think my came from Car Builders, but you might find the same on ebay or google.

As for redoing the cooling system, I built mine just as recommended by RobinHood and have had no problems.  Even when racing down the motorway on a hot day and exiting at the slip-road and then sitting in queued traffic, shuffling along.  But I do sit there watching the temperature rise (digital readout) waiting (and praying) for the radiator fan to start.

So, my advice is see how good your cooling systems is, and then change it only if you have problems.


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