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Lack of power

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Weird fault I am struggling to diagnose and need you help/ideas.

Whilst driving yesterday at a steady 60mph down a straight road just cruising not accelerating or taking my foot off the pedal, the car hesitated and slowed down. Felt like me taking my foot of the gas for a few seconds, but I didn't. On pressing the accelerator it coughs and splutters then picks up again. Same thing happened 5-6 times, what do you think it could be?

Coil, plugs, leads, fuel filter don't fancy swapping everything and I we have a camping trip coming up so needs to be sorted.

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very  much doubt ignition as opening throttle increases the pressure in the cylinder at spark point, this increases the voltage required to get a spark.

Ignition problems normally show as hesitation when putting foot down.

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I had similar issue on my SuperSpec and after changing spark plugs, lead ,coil (I assumed it was a spark fault)  it turned out to be a bad earth which was affecting fuel pump and relay which only came to show itself when the car broke down and wouldn't restart but after me inadvertently leaning on the battery for support I heard the fuel relay clicking on and off, tightened up a couple of chassis earth's and hey presto.

Also found main earthe from engine block to chassis was corroded and only attached by a couple of strands.

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OK replaced the bullet facet fuel filter. But made no difference, cutout 3 in the weekend on the way to camping venue.

It was pointed out that there was a miss-fire in the run out, so ordered new plugs and leads. No harm having a spare set for the future.

I am intending to replace the ECU from megajolt to ME100 to power the vvt but would like it to be running right first.

Details twin 45's with 5 progression holes set up by Bailey performance, ST170 engine with megajolt, facet fuel pump with fuel pressure regulator set at 2.5.

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