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Fame at last


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So a journalist contacted the forum asking if anyone wanted to provide some info for an article he was writing and I volunteered. Sadly, I didn't realise he was from the Daily Express and he has unfortunately worked to the standard you might imagine of a tabloid jounalist. The article came out today and he's got my first name wrong and make of my car 😮 🙂

The link is below and before you go on it, be prepared for shed loads of adverts - it's possibly the worst website I've ever had to use (and that's my day job!). Also, I HATE the whole attidue the Express and most tabloids have - sensationalist click-bait articles - urgghhh!

But, ya know, its fame of sorts, so I'll take it :-). Not sure AK sports cars will like the fact that he has used pictures of my build which make it look like its come from their £50k builds 🙂


He wants to do a more in-depth article next - will be good to see how that goes 🙂

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Well done Neal or should I say "Nick"

Nick Hammond completed his Caterham Seven after two years, sneaking into his garage for a couple of hours in the evening after work and some extra time at the weekend.

I was lead to believe that you built a GBS Zero.

How wrong could he have been?

Only hope he can get the facts right if he writes another artical and tell him to at least get your name correct and car make!


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Thank you for that mouse clicking exercise .... does it feel good to expose yourself to a wider audience? Soon we will be seeing all about your invovment in the PPE fiasco. Seriously though I hope you do get the chance to tell the real story and don't forget royalties!.

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Yeah, if he does another one, I will 'offer' to check it before he publishes. 

Admittedly, I did like the funky photo that you could slide from one pic of my car halfway through the build to the complete car by a lake in Switzerland 🙂

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Brill Neil (Nick). Follow it up if they ask I say.

As for the name, yes, that is what you expect. I was in a newspaper once because of the band i was in, and it went with the name "Stanley Cartwright". Problem was "Stanley" did stick for a while with the p**s takers that read it


Andi (not Stanley)

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Yeah, I saw that as well but I reckon he's just a troll, wants to cause an argument - better to just ignore it. The other comment was fair enough, though...my flippant comment about planes dropping out the sky probably annoyed any pilots out there 🙂


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