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Engine ID

richard mackay

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Unfortunately the DVLA website is quite clear on what is needed to change the V5 either engine number or capacity.

Change of engine number or cylinder capacity (cc)

You need to provide either:

.    a receipt for the replacement engine
.    written evidence from the manufacturer
.    an inspection report provided for insurance purposes
.    written confirmation on headed paper from a garage (if the change took place before you bought the vehicle)


When you bought the crated motor, did you not have a receipt ? or a guarantee ? if so surely the engine would have been refered to using some sort of serial number .... just in case you were not happy with it and wanted to return it, the seller would have wanted to make sure you were returning the same engine that had been supplied..... ?

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11 hours ago, alanrichey said:

Surely it is a requirement to have it on the V5, and notify and produce appropriate documentation to DVLA if it is changed ?

My V5 has the engine number field blank (actually, says UNKNOWN). I also had a crate engine with no number on it, which I got from GBS. I guess if I tried to return it with a 100k mile stonker from eBay, they might have been able to tell the difference 😄

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Yet again dvla make it difficult to do the correct thing. You just know it would drag on for months if you tried any correspondence with them. I applied for a log book for a digger and before long a red letter for tax arrived but no v5. Applied again and eventually one arrived after 7 months.  The application for (free) tax with covering letter was returned as it hadn't been taxed since the 80s and wasn't sorned or even on their system 

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