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Camping weekend Huntingdon 6th-8th August


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10 hours ago, Kerry said:

Yes we usually have a ride out. There are always spare seats if you want to leave kit at home. 

With Elliot in Paris getting upto no good I will leave the kit at home for this one.  So spare seat will be good... 

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I took the opportunity of going to see Craig to run over any point prior to the camping weekend at the farm, and Craig has asked if everyone could bring a prize so we can run bingo or a raffle. There will be other guests and they are also bringing prizes. 
Craig also said if anyone would l like to arrive Friday or stay till Monday that’s also fine especially as the school holidays will be with us. 
I will ask Craig to sort a run out as he knows the area. 
In the event of inclement weather the barn will be open and music and heating will be in there.
we are looking forward to a great weekend with everyone. 
Cheers Sharon & Kerry  

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On 5/4/2022 at 5:35 AM, max said:

would like to come for the day as well if possible 

hopefully we are coming now just got sorted, only 1 day as we live on a hour away

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Looking forward to the weekend at Craigs I have posted the farm address below. 
just a reminder that there will be a BBQ on Saturday evening and Craig will put on breakfast on Sunday. 

Also a reminder to bring a prize for the raffle/ bingo that will be on Saturday. 
Looking forward to seeing you all at the weekend. Cheers, Sharon & Kerry 

The address is corner farm, buckworth Road, Alconbury weston, pe284jx


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Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to make it this year after all. Craig came and chatted to me at Stoneleigh and I mentioned how the evening before we had been talking about our previous visits the club had made to his in-laws place. He immediately offered to do the same again this year which again is extremely kind of him and his family. So I hope you all have a good weekend and the weather stay fine.


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