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  1. You don't know what it was called do you bob? The stuff I have been looking at is designed for boat covers. I think I will get them to send some samples. No worries about the sewing machine Claire has already done some jobs on the industrial one that she said her normal one wouldn't have coped with
  2. I know this subject has been covered lots before and I have had a good search of the forums but I thought I would get an updated opinion on material used. What material have people used and would they use it again or have they found it wanting or spotted a better alternative. Are there any specific problems with any type or any other relevant info they can give. It's just that while I have my screen off I have decided to fit an awning rail and my wife is keen to put her new (old!) Industrial sewing machine through its paces. I must admit I am quite keen to have a go myself
  3. Look i know you are trying to help bob but he may have low bridges where he lives
  4. Stop encouraging them Stuart, you'll make somebody blow one up. Even I was getting excited about it yesterday, looked about three times to see who had the best guess.
  5. As bob said enough flow there but you certainly don't want any more than 3psi or you will have problems with leaks from the carbs. I fitted a pressure regulator and it cured my leaking problems. If you do decide to fit one, install it as close to the carbs as you can to get the correct pressure. I was a bit tucked up for space so I fitted mine away from the carbs but temporarily installed a pressure gauge next to the carbs for set up only. I often wonder if I should carry a spare pump as they are not that expensive and there seem to be a few problems with them.
  6. I'm on your side with the spare, I think it gives the car a more modern look with the back being clear. I don't have one in the right size anyway so I just carry a can of tyre weld. Don't know if it would work or not but if not then I'd have to use the AA. Not only that but it is a lot cheaper to lose weight than gain horsepower. Gives me an excuse to drive around in just a thong anyway!
  7. There must be some numbers or a name on it. Google is your friend there, I did the same with some tractor lights. The name was unfamiliar but a bit of research found the company had been bought out by britax. Looked on their website and bingo.
  8. Think you can still buy the yellow one from gbs or at least you could two or three years ago.
  9. Yes, thanks for the replies. Thats what I am going to do i think, use long thin bolts. One end would be concealed behind the brackets and the other end underneath. I had toyed with using a small plate bonded to both pieces of frame underneath and on the back but I think nuts and bolts will be safer. Going to try to get that fitted now so I can take the frame in tonight for a new piece of glass
  10. Bet there's a lot of members who haven't messaged you who prefer to use the forum for information rather than moaning and bickering. You've made your point, next time read the small print
  11. It takes all sorts. I've seen it too, just thought yuk and passed it by.
  12. So it was just stuck on with the silkaflex and no screws? I suppose it can't go anywhere once fitted. That is the sort of low tech solution I like. Still enjoying the engine bob, haven't pushed anywhere near it's rev limit don't need to its so torquey. I am going to check that pressure relief valve every time I change the oil as I have found any easy way to screw it back in against the spring, I reckon I can do it in a couple of minutes
  13. Have just taken my windscreen frame off prior to getting some new glass and found not surprisingly that it has been bodged together. The u shaped piece had a couple of rusty screws driven through at an angle in to the ends of the bottom rail, one of which had missed completely so that it was unattached at one end. There is very little metal to aim at due to the thickness of the frame and the proximity of the glass but there must be a better way. Also the frame itself was fixed to the supports by some very tiny self tappers for the same reasons, although they were still tight and had done the job so far. How have other people done theirs?
  14. The last battery I bought had a couple of vent holes which were plugged for transport. I did wonder at the time if they would leak but not so far. However my battery is orientated with holes to the side
  15. I think it's the same most places to one degree or another. Ours keeps creeping up year on year. The recycling centre we had went and the money saved went to upgrading the one in the neighbouring towns 7 miles away. The free service we had to empty our garden waste bins is now subscription only, the police station has gone leaving cash machine robbers ten minutes clear time before anybody can get here on blue lights. The council offices have gone, just a few things I can think of. We have got a couple of very good schools though and not a single traffic light and parking is still free.
  16. Your not the only one who looks. I look because I can't remember when it is.
  17. Not something that is important to me at the moment after a missile went through my screen. More pertinent is finding somebody who can be bothered to cut me one. I'm guessing that you get what you pay for for screen wash like most things but I don't think I'd want to test it in the weather we've got at the moment
  18. Pipe goes up in a loop above tank and then extends down below it so if tank was upside down the open end would be well above the fuel level in the tank.
  19. If the tank is inverted then the open end of the pipe should be above the level of the fuel in the tank so it shouldn't do should it? Or have I missed something again.
  20. Might not be relevant to you but I ditched the original set up on my series 7 because it looked like junk. I think it was probably the sierra cap but it came without a key so you had to use a screwdriver to open and it blew back all the time at the petrol station. It came up through the floor and exited through the back panel. Blocked the back panel, put a piece of filler pipe directly on the tank and then a stainless screw on filler cap on the other end. I fill up in the boot but if you are careful there is no spillage and it tidies up the rear of the car. No blow back either. I put a breather pipe on a spare outlet and provided you bring the pipe below the bottom of the tank and then above the top of the tank then fuel can't run out whichever way up the car is. Or you can spend 50 quid on a one way breather valve. The filler hose is a silicone one but the proper stuff with the special lining that resists fuel.
  21. Happy birthday bob. Have one for me.
  22. Now I'm hooked. Number 192. Remember though when the fun stops, stop.
  23. They have all been driving in to stuff around here as expected. Had one close shave yesterday when a car crashed up the kerb where I had been standing talking to someone a minute earlier. Saw several optimistic manoeuvres where people didn't make corners, three on one particular corner. Half the problem is that we don't get enough bad weather for people to get used to it and know the limits. Never mind , I'm off work now until Monday hopefully it should have melted by then. The cold wind is something else here today.
  24. No that's too thick for a domestic sewing machine. You either need an industrial machine or to employ a saddler. A saddler would probably be your cheapest option if you can find one. I'm going to treat Claire to an industrial sewing machine once she works out which one she wants, the possibilities are endless.
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