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  1. Just Googled it and I was close. It's the amount of time they remain closed expressed in degrees. No cigar.
  2. I believe that dwell is the actual time that the points are open. How this is expressed in have no idea. No doubt someone will correct me and we will both have learned something.
  3. Will an electric car tow my caravan to Cornwall in 6 hours. Or will I have to change cars like they do in formula e. Thats one in Birmingham, Bristol and so on. Absolutely ridiculous like saying the whole of the country is going to move to the moon. How are the people with no off street parking going to charge their cars.
  4. Went in to halfords with a distributor cap and said I need a replacement one of these and the lad behind the counter said what is it. My wife who is a botanist would have known what it was but the guy who sold them didnt
  5. If it's an unregistered chassis yes.
  6. If you can't get enough pull on the pedal because the teeth are worn then you can space out the cable with washers. You will probably find you only need one thick one. I did this when my cable wouldn't adjust up anymore as a quick fix until the car is off the road for the winter.
  7. The one I've got on now was off a scrap car my mate had but even the one that was too long was only about 18 quid.
  8. No just had a look at my spare and there are no numbers on it. For what it's worth the outer casing is about 100.5cm long and the inner 132cm from end to end including nipples. I did try a longer one which I think was cosworth escort or sierra but it was too long so my mate took one off a mark 2 sierra which runs down the side of the engine either between the carbs or just forward of the front one. Can't remember which and can't get to it look at the minute as the garage is full bikes and pedal unimogs etc.
  9. I used a cable from mk 2 sierra with my redtop and type 9 gearbox. That works quite nicely without any slack or sharp bends.
  10. I was told mine is a mk 2 sierra too. Mine is definitely better now after replacement.
  11. Mine had some unmarked red springs and some unmarked dampers but I always felt from the first time I drove it that the set up was too hard. I think the original springs supplied with the kit were 180 lb and the general consensus was that was too high so I went with some recommended replacements which were 120lb and some new adjustable shocks which were supplied by dampertech. They have supplied quite a few to people in the club so know what is needed. Came to a couple of hundred pounds though. Still got the phone number if you need it.
  12. What if you build it and can't get on with it for some reason. You see a lot up for sale that have done virtually no miles under their current ownership. There's one on ebay at the moment for 5995 or nearest offer with only 100 miles since sva. I bet it cost more to build than that even with used components. It is easy to add up the cost of all the major components but all the little things add up like clips,pipework,nuts,bolts,screws,brake hoses and so on. I would like to know the price of a new build, someone on here must have done it. At the end of the day if you want to do it that way good luck just make sure it isn't going to end up on ebay as an abandoned project. Actually you could buy somebody else's abandoned project that would be a good way to save some cash.
  13. Gave up on mine and threw it back in the cupboard.
  14. I can't see on mine now that it is back together but I had a spare hole which leaked some expensive oil all over the floor. I ended up fitting a mechanical oil pressure gauge to one outlet and blocked the other one with a spare sender which had the correct thread. There are several holes as Steve said which gives you choice on where you can put your sender. If you fit a mechanical gauge there is an adaptor available on ebay which allows you to fit it so that you get a straight pipe run back towards the dash without sharp bends.
  15. It's just above where they are attached to the plate at the bottom. I guess this would be the area which is under the most stress from vibration. They are a really thin tube which won't help. I would quite like to be able to remove them when working on the engine as I find they are always in the way.
  16. Nasty job. Put some latex gloves and a boiler suit on. Use plastic zip ties as you go to keep it all tight and tidy and so you can have a good scratch. Don't forget to cut them off when you've finished though.
  17. You having a poke at my rat Rod!?it's my job to make other cars look good. You don't need to Polish if you are next to me. Those cycle wing brackets are a pain. One of mine is broken and held together with a couple of pieces of flat steel. I have a replacement pair waiting until I can get somebody to weld them on for me but I can't help wondering if there is a better alternative.
  18. That's just what I wanted to hear as after much deliberation I have ordered a dewalt one myself. Should be here tomorrow. If money was no object I would have ordered a hilti or milwaukee one as their performance seems to be unrivalled but being a postman money is definitely an Object! I think from what I have read the dewalt will do everything I need though.
  19. Thanks dave. It was good to meet some new people and some i had met before. Shame I didn't get to say goodbye but after I got off the radio controlled cars, the crossbow shooting and the slide I was the only one Left! A good turnout hopefully we can get more next year.
  20. My mate did recommend somebody to me but I although don't doubt his skills he didn't turn up here once when he was supposed to so he is crossed out of my phone book. He did think though that it was worth asking the rolling road chap as he may be interested if he was going to tune it afterwards. He does build them from scratch for race cars. Let me know if you are interested and if you are i will ring him Monday.
  21. Not sure about the garage but I can put you in touch with my rolling road man. He is just outside chatteris so only 15 miles or so from you. There isn't much he doesn't know about webers and he changed the chokes which I supplied, rejettted the carbs,adjusted the dizzy which was giving too much retardation at idle and too much advance at high revs and then did a full power run and only charged 80 quid cash which seems cheap for 3 hours to me. Let me have a ring around to see about the head gasket, I know several people who may do it, this area is thick with people who know these engines like the back of their hand. The advantage of living in stock car country.
  22. Sounds OK, no need to get up early for me then for once. Hopefully it will be clear where we are to be parked up, it has been a bit confusing before.
  23. Weather looks promising. What time are people planning to Arrive?
  24. Definitely if it's the highest opening in the system. I used to have terrible trouble with airlocks in my system. I would fill the car up and run it with the radiator cap off topping up until the engine got hot then all of a sudden a great big gout of coolant would come out of the radiator leaving it half empty. I'd refill two or three times until I got rid of the air. I fitted a header tank and put a blank cap on the radiator and now I just fill it once, check the level and away I go.
  25. Think they might have been having a dig at each other. Welcome, you are near to me, I am in chatteris we will have to meet up. Temperature seems to be a very common topic on here. What gauges does your car have, are the senders and gauge matched up. It may not have got as hot as you think if it didn't boil up. Having said that if you have a leak it makes sense to get the most efficient one you can fit in. I run a vauxhall redtop engine and I think my radiator is just a Ford cortina or capri and it seems to cope OK. Make sure your fan is pressed tight against the radiator and that there is no air gap around the side. Mine had a gap and I hadn't noticed until somebody else pointed it out. As somebody else said use some shrouding so that all the air has to go through the radiator rather than around it. Getting rid of the hot air is important too, use louvres, extra vents or even lift the back end of the bonnet to get rid of as much air as possible. Get it sorted quickly and we'll have a run down to the Coast!
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