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  1. I put a bigger exhaust on and it didn't seem to make much difference to the noise. Bought some earplugs that sorted it. Wouldn't help with track limits though.
  2. Me too. Only tiny bit of dirt or gunk out of the fuel and they can stick. Especially if that carb has been sitting around for a while with some fuel in it.
  3. Just roll up Alan, they have never asked me for my pass. Or you could email them and ask if you could be a late entry
  4. Fit a mechanical one, easy to do and reliable. I couldn't find one that matched the rest of my gauges so I put it in a little housing and stuck it to my transmission tunnel under the dash with double sided gorilla tape until I had a better idea. Still there a year later.
  5. I have had sit on top kayaks for several years now. I originally bought a two seater that my daughter and I could go fishing with. Then I bought two single seaters for the children to mess about on the river on. Finally as the big one was awkward to load on the roof rack of the car I bought a big single seater which is properly fitted out for fishing but more importantly it had better handles. I took this one to Devon with me and went out and caught a couple of fish off the coast. I don't go out unless it is flat calm with a favourable wind though, I got to 30 by sheer luck, since then I've relied on caution, research and ppe. I'm going away again next week and will take one big one and one small one with me, we just post them in through the front window of the caravan.
  6. A friend of mine is a firefighter in Wales and has busy out in the hills on wildfires. He sent me some pictures of a fire engine making its way up a hill and a little later lying on its side! A later general view of a whole Hill burning has a couple of seven type cars heading away from the camera. Can't make out much detail but the farthest one from the camera is yellow and appears to have a spare wheel on the back. The following car is a dark blue or black. Identify yourselves!
  7. I was led to believe that they work more efficiently pulling air through rather than pushing. If you are marginal on cooling then it is probably worth getting an expensive good quality one rather than a budget version. Personally I think mine is a budget version but as I have no issues then I have left it for now. You need to seal all gaps around the radiator so that air entering the front of the car has to go through rather than around. It's all about marginal improvements to get the best efficiency.
  8. It is the type that divides into a year behind the seat. They are adjusted as short as possible at the moment and to me that is not quite short enough as the buckle is too close to the seat as in the event of a hard stop they will pull against the back of the seat a little before they tighten against the mount. Dan, thanks for that I may go that way if I can't find something off the peg. As long as they do red of course.
  9. I want to replace my 3 point ones with some that are easy to adjust when in the seat. Currently I have to get out, adjust and then get back in again hoping I've got it right. The waist straps need to pull inwards to tighten. I've been looking at the sabelt ones which I've seen on a lot of cars but there are different sorts so I need to know which ones are right for a seven type car. I don't want to end up with ones that are too long as the rear strap needs to adjust down to 20 inches or even slightly less.
  10. Still none the wiser. Can anybody find a part number on the belts fitted to their car?
  11. Drive fast enough and nobody can get close enough to rear end you. A perfectly good excuse officer.
  12. I prefer the look of the car without the wheel. Less weight too. I just carry a can of tyre weld aerosol. Don't know how effect it is but I am in the AA. Not need for a jack or wheel brace either.
  13. It definitely shouldn't touch and it has been as there's no other reason for the mark to be there. Somebody will know the measurements. I'm waiting with my like button
  14. Nasty stuff that wrap though. Need to wear gloves, a boiler suit and a face mask really. Makes you itch like mad if it gets on the skin and it doesn't last for ever as it gets very fragile after a few years.
  15. If you mean the yellow one with the archer on then try GBS. I bought one from there 3 or 4 years ago. They may still have some.
  16. Wrapping the manifold made a big difference to the under bonnet temperature on my car but beware that heat has to go somewhere so the exhaust will be mega hot, ready to burn the unwary or careless. I used some vents I got off ebay, they are a marine grade stainless steel. Just cut a hole and rivet them in. I have seen them on several other cars and they are available in different sizes. It's easy to get air in through the front of the car as there is a big gap in the nose cone but harder to get it out so any vents or louvres will help.
  17. The harness ones are better for the children, once we strap them in they can't wriggle out!
  18. I am currently investigating replacement 3 point harnesses due to mine being awkward to adjust, with the adjustment having to be done behind the seat, which is fine if you only wear the same clothing all the time but sometimes I wear t shirt and shorts and sometimes thick coat and trousers. I need something that can be adjusted whilst in the seat but also the rear fixing strap which attaches to the rear of the body must adjust down to a maximum (or even slightly shorter) of 20 inches so that the buckle which holds the shoulder straps doesn't interfere with the back of the seat if I stop quickly. I did look at some that people are using last weekend but never thought to measure so if somebody could tell me what might fit I would be grateful. Sabelt seem to be popular and they do red ones which I would like
  19. Plenty of people on here who could tell you what needs to be done to strengthen the chassis. Make a cheeky offer.
  20. There shouldn't be any movement in the joints, if the needle bearings have started to break up you will be able to feel it by pulling or pushing. You might have to get the wheels off the ground so you can turn it by hand to look at each part. They can go tight as they start to fail which can cause vibration, need to detach one end to have a good look. Check the splines as well for wear. I know what you mean about being fried after Kimbolton car show yesterday.
  21. Put my filler directly on top of the tank in the boot,it always fills at full speed. Just have to be careful not to dribble any out of the nozzle when removing it.
  22. Yep get rid of them at 10 years old they are way past their best. I got a good deal on ebay for some brand new rims. Tyres came from an online tyre company, cheaper than I could get anywhere else even with a friends company discount. Turned out they came from Belgium! If your tyres need replacing then I'd write that cost off as a consumable and only count the rims as an extra expense to make myself feel better. I am holidaying in Devon this year so I will see how your roads compare with cambridgeshire, have to be bad to beat some of ours.
  23. The stuff Richard said to use is not surprisingly available on ebay although you would have to wait for it. I would have thought a heavy duty fishing line would do the same job if you know an angler. A braided line is supposed to be abrasion resistant but a heavy monofilament might work. Thats always assuming you can get to it from both sides. Tie a bit of wood on the end if you try it or it will cut your hands.
  24. Looks like the only way is up. I changed from 14 inch to 15 inch wheels and tyres because there was no choice of tyre in 14 and by juggling profile and size was able to keep the same rolling circumference to avoid the problems Alan mentioned. Surprisingly when I fitted them my calculations had been correct. You should be able to do the same to gain an inch or so but as Alan said you are making more work. Not to mention the cost, especially if you are not in need of new tyres. Have you compared the clearance to the other owners on here? Maybe there is another alternative.
  25. Not retained. Big commitment to learn and carry out another job whilst doing your main one. Takes over your life if you are not careful. Ask my wife. People just don't want all that today, lots of people travel for hours just to get to and from work. Can't blame them.
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