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  1. I'm going to try make it there all under my own power this time, preferably without fixing it at 1am the morning before...but thats optional
  2. Coventry Motofest June 2nd & 3rd - https://www.coventrymotofest.com/ First year they will be able to do competitive time trials on the public (closed) roads! Definitely a good variety of cars!
  3. Not urgently! Could have gone a few more 1000 miles before needing that!
  4. I took my Audi A5 on a track day as the kit wasn't ready before my voucher ran out....cost me £1200 after I needed new pads, discs and tyres (inc insurance, fuel and cost of the day too)
  5. For a guy who thinks it was worth 8k just 48 hours ago, that is one hell of a price difference. Just saying.... Tbh I'd walk away and get something you're happy with from the first look and happy with from the comments. Budget of 3-5k will get you something road legal you can use straight away. Even at 2k, you still have to figure out what needs doing for IVA, do it, fail it, rectify it, then register it. by which point you could have sunk another 4k into it. I know he's a mate and all but honestly, he'd not be a mate if he made you double your budget
  6. Personally, I'd get him to put it through himself if its so easily going to pass and when it passes IVA then you'll discuss price after that and do the registration yourself. I'd always question when people say it'll pass no problem. IVA or MOT. If it will pass so easy, why not do it? Will up the value big time vs cost of doing it!
  7. Don't blame the motor, blame the builder! 2.5 is definitely the best size of engine
  8. Stick the engine in a zero, IVA that. Job done lol
  9. Friend or not, I'd walk away until he gets it registered. 5k for a minefield that could see it taken by the plod and a hefty fine driving home and you'll be crying at the lost cash. I don't think he's trying to rip you off, just simply fallen into the same trap you're about to, at least he's admitted it'll need an IVA. Depending on how close a friend he is, I'd work with him to get it tested and registered correctly. Whether thats knocking the costs of the current price or he covers the material/test costs. Eitherway, you could be in for a cracking car or a rough and expensive ride!
  10. Paul mate, relax lol. I asked about throttle body position A or B, I'm bunging a 20 year old engine into a chassis that is in essence 60 years old for fun, not designing the next F1 racing engine haha. Its a V6 with a centrally mounted intake thats already blocking my view and doesn't have space to get much lower lol. I appreciate the input, but I was looking for a simple option of position A or B, coz its less likely to devour small children and pets etc incase I'd overlooked anything basic
  11. Its currently sat out the bonnet in fresh air, so cold air or hot air isn't an issue. Its the actual manifold design thats the issue, made in a rush from what I could get hold of easily so I could make the Wales trip. I was curious if there was substantial benefits or losses from having the throttle facing forward vs backward. Thanks Dan, if its a fine art with squeezing out every 0.1bhp then I reckon I'll be ok Just wanted to check I wasn't going to cause more issues or large power drops. I'll have a mock up to see which is easiest and most aesthetically pleasing, and go from there Cheers
  12. I'm redesigning my quickly bodged together intake manifold as we found it appearing to be possibly restrictive at the top end. As some of you may have seen, it currently sticks out the top of the bonnet and even with a thoughtful redesign, it is unlikely to fit under the bonnet at all. I'm currently figuring out throttle body placement and wondering if there is any adverse effects with mounting it on the front face or the back face of the manifold? It will literally be directly fitted with a cone filter regardless of position (unless someone suggests otherwise). I'm currently tipping towards the front due to ease and bonnet fitment (plus a ram air effect at speed?!?) but would like any input if anyone has experience in this area? Cheers,
  13. I'll come for breakfast. Not sure the kit is quite ready for a run yet, haven't had chance to make sure it all works properly yet
  14. I'm a tentative possibly there for breakfast. What commitment eh!?
  15. Ah yes I forgot Rich does the twin throttle body. Having not looked into it at all, is there not a way to ease it in? The charger used to have a clutched pulley did it not on the Mercs? I'm guessing there is a lot more electrical trickery involved bringing that in smoothly at 3k rpm (if I remember reading up on it a couple years ago lol)
  16. I always considered a switch supercharger set up lol more for a "Mother in the car" mode I can't see from those dyno curves that the cruising is an issue based on power/torque? In your cruising range (say 3k rpm +/- 250rpm) you only gain 15ish lb/ft over that range at full throttle, right? I reckon the issue is more in the map than the power. But when you say drive steady, how do you mean? As in you keep finding yourself jolting forward of feeling like it suddenly came off throttle i.e. maintaining 70mph? You could probably get that from a too sensitive throttle pedal or no smoothing factor in your map. Or simply cruising area on your map needs more work to refine it? Like I said, I can't imagine the drive-ability is so bad looking at that dyno curve, probably considering there are similar weight/power cars that aren't having these issues....?
  17. Aerodynamics of a 7 as said are shocking....but doesn't mean they don't still look good! It would take a serious amount of work to get the car to benefit to any appreciable difference. Best option I found for keeping bonnet temps down was no bonnet
  18. I used OAT with ASH hoses not had any issues - thats 3-odd years plus refitted some hoses as still in great condition. Fluoro lined simply used for the filler neck as the rest is all proper fuel lines. Think its the ethanol that eats the silicone unlined hoses (happy to be corrected?) Normal silicone for coolant stuff will be fine
  19. Keith was leaving and didn't care, Josh knew your car was a train wreck
  20. Identified a fault with my alternator and can't get the spare to work either (maybe same fault). Not going anywhere
  21. If I can get my alternator working and not snap any driveshafts....I'm there! I'll keep you posted
  22. Theres nothing stamped in the cast but reckons they are around ET20-25
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