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  1. Morning, How do I remove photos from my garage in my profile? Ivan
  2. Chris, you get one free with your 2B, Plus lots of oily fingerprints Ivan
  3. Hi Chris, sorry for butting in, but I'm considering selling my 2B, it's been on the rhocar seen for a few years now, so a lot of members have seen it and could possibly give their views on it, it's a 2ltr pinto under the bonnet, excellent runner and now very reliable, not to worry if your not interested, just thought I'd mention it Cheers Ivan
  4. Will check our diary Should be there Ivan-Andrea
  5. Will see you all there, has the surprise guest got a guardian angel watching over him?Ivan
  6. Hopefully see you all there this time Ivan-Andrea
  7. Think I might have one, will have a look later
  8. Congratulations to you both, like Frazer says, cherish every moment, good and bad, because time goes by way to fast, before you know it your children are making you into grandparents, anyway look after the both of them and look forward to seeing the whole family soon Best wishes Ivan - Andrea
  9. Wow!!! Didn't expect that, Hope we see you both at the monthly meets still, of course work dependent, Ivan
  10. Hope to see you all there, Mmmmm , what if we changed the venue and all went to Terrys house? Only joking!!! Not worth going if we can't drool over his car anymore , Joking again! You'll soon be able to join us all mate, just take it easy All the best and happy new year to you all Ivan - Andrea
  11. You don't hang about Dan, Thursday ask if anyone knows of a mx5,Friday one bought and in the garage, well done, like you say, not the quickest of cars but lots of fun and simple comforts so you can use anytime, does Sue like and will she go in it with you? Or is it you and Kiera?
  12. Good to hear you're back home with your loved ones, enjoy the festive season as best you can, you're on the road to recovery now, and with what you went through before this will be a breeze to deal with, hope to see you all soon Best wishes Ivan - Andrea x
  13. Sorry to hear your news mate, Hope all goes well with your repairs, fortunately your still with us, and from what we've all seen from you before we all know that your a fighter and you'll soon be up and about As for the car bits of metal rubber and plastic all replaceable, so long as you're still with us that's all that matters Get well soon mate Ivan -Andrea
  14. Hi all, going to have to miss this one, So all the best to you all and have a very merry Christmas, See you all in the new year Best wishes Ivan - Andrea
  15. Depends on what you want I've got a pair of mx5 seats in cloth in good condition £60 if you want to collect I'm in Doncaster
  16. Not what you're thinking! Been breaking an MX5,mk1 So this goes out to all mx5 owners and mx5 based kit car owners, I now have many spare parts for sale, yes I know I probably should have put this in the for sale section, but prices are required for all items up for sale, unfortunately I haven't had chance to list and price things up yet So I'm just testing the water to see what interest there is Got just about everything taken off the car, so if anyone's interested give me a pm Also to all you who dislike the mx5s, don't see this as a good thing that another mx5 is off the road and scrapped, see it more like a way of keeping other mx5s on the road, by using the spare parts available and also giving new life to mx5 based kit cars of which there are quite a few Anyway thanks for looking Ivan PS The body, subframes and wishbones will be going this week, so if this is something that you could use then again let me know PPS Also a massive thank you to three club members who took time out yesterday to give me a hand I couldn't have done it without you THANKS IVAN
  17. Hi all, not much more to say that hasn't already been said, only that we need to support this event 100, How many other clubs would go to these lengths for their members, just look at what you get Rhocar club, cars, members and families Rhocaravan club, getting bigger and bigger Rhokids club, fantastic And now Rhocanine club,wow! Again, show me another club that gives you that for the price of a round of drinks, Any myself, Andrea the grandkids and the dog had a fantastic weekend, looking forward to next year Thanks to all involved Ivan
  18. Congratulations to Simon B and his wife Christine on there wedding day, hope they have a wonderful life together, Best wishes Ivan - Andrea
  19. Once again congratulations to you both, best wishes and well done, fantastic news Ivan-Andrea
  20. Thanks everyone, much appreciated
  21. Cheers mate, thanks, Ivan
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