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  1. Hi Dave,we have to go over to Wakefield to see a man about a dog at 2pm, so we could possibly be there about 3.30 ish, we've got the trailer tent with us so won't be breaking any speed limits,will be a steady drive, Ivan I'll pm you my number
  2. Ferry bridge would be good as we will be going that way to the A1 on the M62 Also Wetherby services will be very busy I reckon, every time we've called in its always been full Ivan
  3. Congratulations to you both, had a great night all the best Ivan & Andrea Also, congratulations to Simon P (onslow) and his now wife Karen, another surprise wedding, well done, who will be next??? Ivan & Andrea
  4. Hi all, Andrea is doing a chilli, nothing too hot but will be very tasty,also corn on the cob and some nachos and cheese,so might require a little help here and there, Dave,we're going up on Friday, not sure what time yet, possibly mid to late afternoon or early evening, what time were you thinking of? Ivan
  5. .Still can't remember going up Sutton Bank Brian, that's because we didn't go up,we went down And yes it was a cracking weekend, definitely be there again,hope a few more join us next year Ivan
  6. Andrea will do a meal for Saturday night, just need a rough idea of numbers Ivan
  7. Yeah I'll bring it with me tomorrow, cost to you NOWT!!
  8. Well done Terry, nice car,you deserve it, hope you and Linda enjoy it lots, like you say we're not here for long, Be round to see it soon, Ivan
  9. Hopefully see you at Trowell, to help with the convoy,2 cars and a caravan IVAN
  10. Hi Lee,put our names down again, really enjoyed the weekend last year, looking forward to it all again IVAN-ANDREA
  11. Myself and Andrea would like to say a big congratulations to the newest rhocar married couple, Andy(grim) and clare(Mrs grim) All the best for your long and happy future together IVAN-ANDREA xx
  12. Hi Bob,what gauge are they ? Are they straight or angled ? If they're 16g then I'm interested Cheers Ivan
  13. Hopefully see you all there Ivan + Andrea
  14. Sadly not able to make this one, So hope you all have a great time over the festive season Merry Christmas and best wishes Ivan + Andrea
  15. Will see you all there, Also just to let those who offered to sponsor Andrea for stoptober, well she did it, so bring your wallets and purses, if she gets all the money promised to her she'll have made around £300 for mcmillan cancer support,which is a fantastic achievement for her, because those who know her will know that she likes the odd glass of wine or two See you all there Ivan+Andrea
  16. Well done you 2,fantastic news,you've got a good one there Richard, oh sorry! So have you Kirsty Congratulations to you both, All the best IVAN-ANDREA
  17. See you all there , Ivan &Andrea Just to let you all know,Andrea will NOT be drinking alcohol,I repeat NOT drinking alcohol,yes even I don't believe it, she is going sober for October,so she may be after sponsorship money,it's for mcmillan charity,she's doing well up to now so a bit of encouragement and support from you all would be fantastic Ivan Ps if she can't do sober for October, she says she'll have a go at movember instead (it's hope she does October )
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