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  1. I've only just stumbled across this post - bit late to the party but I just wanted to say thank you for your comments and glad all was sorted quickly and efficiently for you Carlie
  2. It's more down to experience, most of our insurers require at least 12 months experience for a specialist policy or driving something of a similar power etc. With kit cars many insurers have a minimum age, but with the right experience under 25 year old's can be referred (at worst they'll say no!) So if we haven't quoted yet you can give us a call on 01635 874646 and speak to our specialist team in Thatcham and we can see if there's anything we can do? Carlie
  3. Hello, Just spotted this thread! We do build-up insurance which can be transferred to full-road risk after IVA pass. Also - whether you are contacting us through Cherished Vehicle or A-Plan it's important you come through to Thatcham as we have more schemes available with insurers. Cherished Vehicle Thatcham 03332076597 and A-Plan Thatcham 01635874646 It's the same office we are just dual branded as A-Plan own Cherished Vehicle Insurance Services.
  4. I love this idea! Good luck everyone!!
  5. I've just stumbled across this thread! Thanks for renewing with us again richyb66, cb750 and Thrashed! MarkBzero… we'll get you next year hopefully haha Have a great day everyone! Carlie @ A-Plan Cherished
  6. Hello! Just a quick note to say... If you do have a Track day we offer standalone track day insurance here so if you want cover for your pride and joy give us a shout for a quotation Have fun but stay safe Thanks! Carlie
  7. Hi DanE, We offer standalone track day cover which can vary in price based on the track, vehicle value etc. or a bulk add-on for your annual insurance which often works out cheaper if you're planning on doing more 2 or more track days in the year. If you have any questions you can call us on 01635 874646 Thanks! Carlie
  8. Hi Red7! If you are still looking around I'm happy to take a look for you also, Thanks Carlie 01635 874646
  9. Apologies we couldn't help with this one, sometimes adverse history can cause issues for us. Clare
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