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  1. jaimo

    Winter Mods

    Dash and switch panel finished Full rewire Megajolt in ( starts and runs smoother than ever just wait for 1st till roadtest) Scuttle covered Centre console covered with new gaiters Everything working just seats to fit and wing to secure Orther jobs will have to wait for now
  2. Going to try get down for a couple of hours sunday Not confident leaving wife for weekend yet and plus she wants a run out to finaly meet u all just got to keep her away from keith 2 mad hatters toegether wont be good
  3. Gud luck keith just finished rewire on mine starts up great on eddis just got to wire megajolt plug and rebuild didnt get everything done i wanted but hopefully get to stoneleigh for a couple of hours sunday
  4. I have a problem just installed the premier loom and everything is wired correct and everything else works but the washer pump is on constant with ignition heard this a problem that has a simple mod any idea what that is Using 83 stalks Thanks
  5. Gonna try and make it maybe in kit if finished
  6. jaimo

    Edis 4

    Duch has offered me an eddis 4 so this just a query My eddis connector is dodgy but just realised only got 11 wires on mine missing tacho out it has never had one is this common
  7. jaimo

    Edis 4 Plug

    If you get chance could you send me pic of plug wires not sure if my plug as no tacho output i think
  8. jaimo

    Edis 4 Plug

    Hopefully will be ok for now just connections not brill going for start up over weekend just got to connect at megajolt end Then fit seats and screen fingers Crossed will let you know if need it before stoneleigh Thanks appreciate it
  9. jaimo

    Edis 4 Plug

    Hopefully depends if hood starts lol
  10. jaimo

    Edis 4 Plug

    Wanted eddis 4 plug with wires with or without edis its self
  11. The way i see it phil, steamer etc have done great job organising events over the years and enjoyed everyone attending now keith has took over and yes maybe slip ups etc but he has the club at heart and has done a gud job so far So carry on keith and hope to get to something this year just family probs getting in way
  12. jaimo

    Megajolt Tuning

    Cant get to firewall to plug in really thinking bolt to back of dash or on inside of door of diy fusebox in passenger side
  13. jaimo

    Megajolt Tuning

    How long is lead they connected lapto with mark
  14. How long is lead that tuners use at rolling rd what plugs into megajolt and laptop because struggling where to put megajolt
  15. Hopefully going to make it not sure if for weekend or just down for a few hours sunday wife dependant and also dependant on kit being finished just got to wire megajolt up wire back lights then rebuild fingers crossed it will start lol
  16. jaimo

    Bmw X1

    Not sure prob legal but vectra i had was 80 on nose and felt like tourer was pushing down on car
  17. jaimo

    Bmw X1

    Yeah dan didnt realise only 80 On noseweight got outlander at minute
  18. jaimo

    Bmw X1

    Has anyone got one or had one want to know pros and cons needs to pull tourer been looking at Bmw x1 25d xdrive 4wd 258bhp
  19. jaimo


    You cant help yourself chris
  20. jaimo

    Heater Vents

    Has anyone got the mini dash vents like these lying about
  21. I will check when i get home
  22. My dip beam on premier loom is yellow just wiring lights now White = main beam yellow = dip beam Slate = side light
  23. jaimo

    New Toy

    Very nice marcus
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