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  1. Hi mowerman, having a meet up one day sounds good to me providing we hav'nt both fallen apart by then Mike
  2. I have just had a look at the cateringvan website and those repeaters look very much like the ones Lotus supplied as an extra for there S4 7s in 1971, i have still got that pair as i never got around to fitting them.(i forgot to fit them) They where ment to be fitted to the sides of the front wings even then, albeit they were clam shell type wings not cycle wings, so i suppose the theory to position still applies as far as the IVA is concerned now , Mike
  3. Pleased you got it sorted, as in the end not too bad a fix eh. do you need a cure for a stiff neck now Mike
  4. Well if you will wear a suit and a bowler whilst out driving your car you must expect to be photographed Mike
  5. After a life time of working in heavy industry including very noisey fabrication shops with tin bashers and blacksmiths , rideing motor bikes , open top cars , speed boats, competition clay shooting, the only problem i have now is i can hear everything unfortunatly at times but can only see properly out of one eye, ticker is a bit dickie, angina, pernicious amemia , ostio artheritus, so apart from all that lot i am fine realy and still have a sence of humour must be the Glen Fiddler My conclusion is deafness can be a bonus if that is your only health problem. Mike
  6. miikae

    S7 Mk 3

    As Peter has said pictures would be a great help in this matter to determine the exact model and thereafter a possible solution would more than likely be forth coming. Mike
  7. miikae

    New Model @ Gbs

    She looks much better than my old model, must get one of them to share the smiles Mike
  8. miikae

    Chassis Height

    Oh heckie that a whole sack of my dog food @15 kilo Mike
  9. I cheated when i did mine as i cut the top out of the Sierra tank , trimmed it up drilled holes, bolted it down with a gasket and what was left was to screw the Sender in as one would on the standard Sierra/Fiesta tank etc, local scrappie £1 and they even took the tank off the car for me so i could attack it with tin snips , jobs a good un. Mike
  10. Stair rods , steady Peter as the younguns would have never seen them let alone know what they are , sadly i do and i have fitted them in the dark distant past. We had the same here oh did it rain, did it just, the Sat signal even went for a while. The upside was it washed the thick mud off the Rav after my field venture yesturday due to a broken down wagon on a single track road and thus blocking it so around it i went. Mike
  11. miikae

    Chassis Height

    Hi Martin, Something looks a miss to me but what i ask myself, i would block the chassis up to the correct/required ride height and then look at how the front wishbones look with the steering rack connected as it should be near enough straight and parallel with the wishbones , as this would be the approximate centre point of your shocks travel. Are the bottom wishbones supposed to kickup at the end, as this will not help as it will in effect lower the ride/chassis ground clearance height. As Ian H has mentioned a few words with GBS certainly wouldnt go a mis here at least you should get the right answer. Mike
  12. miikae

    S7 Mk 3

    I have Mk1 and the front angle on mine is 2"x2 1/2" rear 2"x2" both 830 mm long and 5mm thick, HTH. I would advise while he is at it fitting re-enforceing bars from the top hole to the bottom chassis/tub rail and the bottom hole to the top rail if needed on a Mk3 to help prevent the front mounting points bending as they do in time and they help keeping it square too. Mike
  13. The first thing i would want to know is were the carbs jetted correctly for the engine they are now fitted to and not just slapped on after being bought cheap that where possibly previously fitted to a unknown engine. Ask the previous owner for this information to start with. If it has been running ok previously then a tune up should get you sorted as its no big mystery to tune them yourself a long as you do things in the right order, if in doubt get yourself the How to build & power tune Webber & Dellorto Carburettors by Des Hammill , Burtons sell them i think. HTH Mike
  14. miikae

    Screen Supports

    My thoughts exactlly when Stainless was mentioned as the Mild Steel supports take quite a bit of time and frustration to get exacttly right to acheive a neat fit. Mike
  15. One of These will do the job. You are looking for 2-2.5 psi fuel pressure. HTH Mike
  16. Whats that cable hanging down underneath is it an arrester wire for when you come into land? I am running 4" clearance to the sump and 20 psi all round, plus it corners very very well when my lad is driving it as he pushes it to the limit even when i am a passenger and i am continualy crossing myself. Mike
  17. miikae

    Screen Supports

    How about These Mike
  18. Possible voltage regulator problem , it should be located on the main gauges PC board if i remember rightly. and regulates to 10 volts i think for the gauges, if the gauge readings move with high engine revs then regulator is more than likely faulty. HTH Mike
  19. Did you check to see if the float was floating as they can puncture with age, as i have had this a couple of times in the past, plus not sucked anything like a mouse in the bellmouths i hope. Piper foam air filters have been known to fall apart and cause a blockage thats why i threw mine away and made my own bellmouth filters. Check the carbs out well first and that you can see all the butterflies are opening together, before ripping the engine apart, seeing as it was running ok to start with. Mike
  20. Have you checked to see if the butterfly valves are opening when you push the throttle and that the coupling linkage between both carbs is ok, if your engine has been flooded you may have to dry the plugs out, Seeing you have changed the cam, i trust all is ok in that department, cam lobes lubed up and run in as per recommended,(if it is a new cam) spray bar doing what it should, etc etc Mike
  21. You should be ok with that pump pressure wise. Mike
  22. Sounds like the float valve is stuck open , just give the carb a tap as that may release it, then if in doubt replace them with new ones but note the size marking on the valve. The above is assuming that you have the correct fuel pressure at the carb approx 2-2.5 psi. and not too high a pressure. Mike
  23. miikae


    Your are not alone there Jez as there are many others in the same boat, lots more info on LCB if you care to do a search there. Mike
  24. miikae

    Sierra Graveyard

    Seeing as his listings states 3 different addresses , he has either a damn big yard streatching from Boston to Woodhall Spa or he sells bits for others , he may well even be tied in with Roger Windley a his yard is not far from Woodhall Spa and has an air strip to land your plane, it is a great place for spares too , i've been there many times. Roger Windley Mike
  25. miikae

    Vinyl Paints

    If i remember rightly Holts used to do some Vinyl paint as i used it on an old landrover for the door panels and seats , a colour change from grey to black , did a good job too as i remember. Mike
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