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  1. V8 in that chassis without substantial strengthening is not going to end well. 5.5k is steep. Just my opinions others may well disagree.
  2. It would help yes, later robin hood's ie the 2b are the better ones but make sure it's double wishbone front suspension not sliding pillar.
  3. Depends which model it is, they all have there individual quirks.
  4. Bloody awesome day ! You all missed one of the best track days yet... Looking forward to the next one already.
  5. In my opinion the raceline sump is the one to go for, works well on rd and track, sits level with the bell housing and takes 5 liters of oil. It's a case of you get what you pay for....
  6. A crow foot spanner helps with the poor access
  7. If anyone does buy it, buy extra pants as you will soil them driving this beast !!!!
  8. Well I've just been out in the car on a little circuit I do, last time a week ago I had to back off or go through some hedges the car was so unstable, today same rd and it was solid it actually felt like I was in a completely different car!! If you haven't corner weighted your car DO ! Along with camber and toe. For beer tokens I could do it for you. Only taking 5yrs to get this right, yes I've owned it for 5yrs ! Longest I've ever had any car
  9. My raceline flywheel with helix paddle clutch (pinto size) takes the 243hp i.m putting out. With standard clutch it handled the 170bhp of the standard engine
  10. My car has always cornered slightly unpredictable when doing quick rights, lefts were fine. especially at the track, so i decided to have a go at corner weighting today. Net result is I now have the car with 50% cross weight 49%-51% side weight and 50.3 front weight 49.7% rear the cross weights were way off at the start. All this was done with my weight added to driver's seat and 1/2 a tank of fuel (4 gal). tomorrow i.m going to recheck the camber and toe. Looking forward to blyton Sunday to see what effects it had.
  11. That is one hell of a car for 10k !!
  12. Filled my new tank at the pump 1st time yesterday, £30 in at full speed, 1st time ever in all the kit cars I've owned
  13. that's where my Davis Craig ewp is good, it runs the pump and fan until it's dropped the temp 10deg after ignition off
  14. You will soon find out if it's right on a trackday
  15. I don't want mine above 100 in traffic. Mine will go higher without blowing off if I adjust the set point but 90 is my target temp. I wasn't ever able to get stable temps with the raceline water rail had to change to retro ford. With regards your engine it depends on your cooling system set up, but I believe zetecs like 90deg
  16. Went for a drive today in this blistering heat, 1st time the car has been used in really hot weather. Dual carriageway driving, temps were bang on, thrashing round the lanes, bang on then the real test really slow traffic for a few miles temps went up but never past the EWP controller set point. The combination of coolex rad, retro ford water rail and Davis Craig waterpump system make the zetec very stable under all conditions, even track day thrashing. The addition of the thermostatic oil cooler also improved the oil temps,it kept them where they should be. The last track day they sky rocketed. The joys of adding BHP, once you have all the power you need to control it... Run out of mods to do, need another project now
  17. I.m booked, who else ? Or am I on my own ?
  18. What were your readings ? My q plate was always tested visual only this year the Mot station were different and insisted that my car was tested to early 80s standard of 4.5% the rules seem to have changed
  19. A few proposed dates then you pick one with less than a week to go, i.d say short notice I will post up on the forum when me and my work mates are going..
  20. I Could have changed my work day if it hadn't been short notice. Going to arrange a trip later in the year with a few from work
  21. It's a great idea till your car slips off and causes injury or damage, it's not designed for cars. Get a decent 2 ton trolley jack with rubber jack pad and some half decent axle stands to hold it once up.
  22. No worries me and my mates will get booked on
  23. My vinyl stick on full size has been on my car some time, been through many Mots and seen by the police. Choice is ultimately yours, legal to the book or bend the rules as far as you dare
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