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  1. Phil, Not offering much help sorry but I had the same problem a few weeks ago. Same as you I rounded off the allen key so ended up using a hot air gun, a good bang with hammer and a damn good pair of new vice grips. Unfortunately the end is chewed up and I could really do with a new one (could use the old one but messy). I am struggling to find a new one at the moment any help appreciated. Regards Mark
  2. when will I get time in the garage?

  3. Mmmm let me think....... definately the car!
  4. MarkBzero

    2b Or Not 2b?

    Option 1 someone might finish the build and put another 2b on the road. Strip it and there will be one less 2b on the books.
  5. MarkBzero

    Helmet Or Roof

    Wifey will not wear a helmet something to do with messing her hair up it will have to be full weather gear or no wife......hmm let me think about that!
  6. Brave man my wife is still nagging about the dead grass on the front lawn from when I stripped the sierra two years ago......
  7. MarkBzero

    More Pre Iva Photos

    Picture 4 hard too see but if brake hoses touch the suspension on lock to lock they will fail (can't remember but who made this comment on this forum before). At rest/central position they need to bend towards the rear of the car, and some tester's have asked for a piece of rubber hose to cover the pipe unions. Regards Mark
  8. MarkBzero


    Looks good where did you get the gauges from? I like th eidea of the 3 in 1 unit. Regards Mark
  9. Same as above the arch is as far back as possible but I still have clearance issues less than 1" gap between wheel and arch at the rear and 2.5" at the front. Doesn't look great but OK. I used nylocs and bolt where possible and rivnuts if I could not get the the back of the bolt.
  10. Looking good please show picture when dash is fitted.
  11. MarkBzero

    Im A Dad

    All the best for the future.
  12. I have used metal p clips at 7-8inch intervals and as Nick has already said line when going through panels either with rubber tube/pipe or grommets. Have a look at the pictures attached. Regards Mark
  13. Ian, Welcome to RHOCAR, I am currently building a zero and yes everyone in work thinks its a mid life crisis, probably true. It's a great car and well worth the effort, the prices are going up slightly but the car has also improved. Don't under estimate the time and cost of the complete project. The club members are always helpful and somebody near you will always offer support.Put your location on your profile and there could be someone around the corner. Failing that come to Stafford kit car show. All the best Mark
  14. A great acheivement
  15. Thanks jamie, I'll post some pictures when finished.
  16. Going to fit dash next weekend did you come across any problems? Regards Mark
  17. MarkBzero

    Lucky Me

    Lucky I wondered if anybody actually ever won these competitions. I.m sure you will get a good price if you decide to sell them.
  18. Good read a true member benefit. Thank you
  19. Great news are you going to Newark?
  20. Cheers Dave looks good.
  21. I had a look at Alan's (Gresvey7) the other day and personally I think its worth every penny, spoke to GBS and they are generally made to order and I need to give them two weeks notice.
  22. MarkBzero

    Hood On Ebay

    DVLA still makes mistakes I don't think the registration was process clear when this was made, thinking about it hasn't improved that much........
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