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  1. Definately the way ahead to keep her indoors happy.
  2. MarkBzero

    V5 Document

    You don't need a V5 to build or register but you will end up with a Q plate. Regards Mark
  3. MarkBzero


    I agree did not stay over but thanks to the guys for a brew and some advice.
  4. MarkBzero

    No Progress

    The way I see it working makes money and pays the bills can't be help! Think of retirement and the joys of driving in the future.
  5. Thanks Nigel, Good find. Perfect going to order one better then playing around with a pinch bolt at the pdeal end. Regards Mark
  6. Chris is right I had one on my high spec sierra (African import) loom you will not use it so cut it off. It included a bulb failure device, low brake pads, low coolant and low washer lights etc. If I remember I had to re-join an earth cable and one other so please remove one wire at a time. Regards Mark
  7. Best of luck hopefully first time pass.
  8. Paul, Thank you, appreciated. Regards Mark
  9. I am going to fit twin 40's if you don't mind me asking how much did they charge. Too far for me to travel and would like a rough price to compare locally. Regards Mark
  10. Thank you round lights will be fitted this weekend. Regards Mark
  11. MarkBzero

    Dif Ratio

    Luke, This subject is somewhere on the forum but can't find it, but I downloaded the contents last time please review the information below. Diff Codes ( Ford Sierra Diff codes, Differential Codes, Diff Numbers, Sierra Diff ) Ford axle codes A=3.36 B=3.77 D=3.92 F=3.842 J=4.056 K=3.31 M=3.14 N=4.29 P=3.58 J=3.62 V=3.33 Z=3.59 2=4.27 3=3.62 4=3.82 5=3.26 6=3.12 8=3.56 3,14 CW47-Pin15 3,38 CW44-Pin13 3,62 CW47-Pin13 3,92 CW51-Pin13 3,77 CW49-Pin13 6.5 inch diff 3,38 fitted to 1,6 OHC ECO 5 speed 3,38 fitted to 2,0 OHC HC 3,38 fitted to 2.3 v6 ESTATE 3,14 fitted to 1,6 OHC ECO 4 speed 3,14 fitted to 2.3 v6 SALOON 3.14 fitted to 2.3 Diesel 85GG 4006 DC --- 3.97 85GG 4006 BC --- 3.62 85GG 4006 AC --- 3.38 85GG 4006 FB --- 3.36 87BG 4006 GB --- 3.14 86GG 4006 AAA --- 3.92 LSD V87BB 4006 BAA --- 3.62 LSD V87BG 4006 CAA --- 3.38 LSD 85GG 4006 AAA --- 3.36 LSD Vin plate codes for Diff ratio Ratio Code 3.14 M 3.36 A 3.38 V 3.62 U 3.64 3 3.92 D Hope this helps. Regards Mark
  12. Very nice exhaust note to self: speak to Dave when engine is fitted.
  13. MarkBzero

    Fog Light

    Quick question for IVA can the fog light be round to match the other lights or must they be square? Thanks in advance. Regards Mark
  14. MarkBzero


    I could not decide between black or silver wheels then came across these, a bit of both what do you think? Should be off the axle stands this weekend for first time - at last.
  15. MarkBzero

    Getting Closer

    John, Thank you, I'll order tomorrow and hopefully pick up at next show. Cheers
  16. Wheels arriving this week!

  17. Kev, I know about the wifey thing I need to re-do my wedding vows and add a clause about kit cars........ Mark
  18. MarkBzero

    Getting Closer

    John, Looking good, is the boot kit from GBS or have you made it yourself? Regards Mark
  19. MarkBzero

    She Rolls!

    Russell, Looking good, new wheels should be arriving this week then off the axle stands. Best of luck with the rest of the build. Regards Mark
  20. MarkBzero

    Malt Shovel

    Hope to be there this time wife permitting......
  21. MarkBzero

    Zero Pass

    Great build Graham look forward to seeing the car and giving me some inspiration to get back into the garage. Mark
  22. Private land is the safest place. Where I used to live whilst restoring series 1a landrovers we used a business car park on Sunday when they were not trading.
  23. I'm getting interested in this idea, next visit to scrappy's going to look at some alternative dash boards.
  24. MarkBzero

    Iva Pass At Last

    Well done, see you at the show.
  25. MarkBzero

    Parts Catalogue

    Good source of information saved in favourites. Thank you.
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