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  1. To help further I would suggest you buy her the B&Q DIY or Readers digest DIY handbook great advice on areas of the home, including security and domestic repairs.
  2. MarkBzero


    I agree with Nick's comments at the show's your have a little room to barter and special deals no tradesman wants to return with stock. Regards Mark
  3. MarkBzero

    Build Space

    Plenty of space I am building with 15cm clearance front and rear, and only 80cm to the side. I have to climb over the car to work on one side to the other. I have cursed a lot but it will be worth it biggest problem is jacking the car up and moving it from side to side it wastes a lot of time but still possible and patience......
  4. Jase, I wish! In the neighbourhood but Zero not built yet, maybe next year or the year after....
  5. Interesting I need to change manifold and carb from xflow to twin 40's but may consider bike carbs depending on feedback. The inlet manifold and carb will not fit zero chassis. Any helps guys.
  6. Great looking car well done. Look forward to seeing it at the shows. Mark
  7. Best of luck for the marathon I completed the Berlin marathon for the British Legion many years ago who I still support to this day. How did it feel on the inside? Regards Mark
  8. MarkBzero

    Fuel Pipes

    I decided to go under the car between the lower floor rather than go down the tunnel, for ease of access and it does get busy by the diff with fuel hose, brake switch, handbrake cable and electrics. Ok bu I wish it was a bit smart my box it in eventually. Regards Mark
  9. It has a lot of potential and could look really good. Don't forget to post the final pictures. Regards Mark
  10. Phil, I am interested in fitting bike carbs or twin 40DCOE webbers to my Zero with a xflow engine, please keep me informed of any progress. Current manifold and carb will not fit in zero chassis. Thank you. Regards Mark
  11. MarkBzero

    Fuel Pipes

    I would suggest 8mm and prefer copper with a little fuel grade rubber hose at the joins to tank and carbs. I know GBS issued plastice pipe in the kits, ultimatly your choice. Thats my opinion some else will be along shortly to advise their opinion.
  12. Steve, I can understand the neexd for an auto electrician. I have started today to fit the sierra loom into the zero so far good fun with no burnt wires, son found out out how to make the horn work with the jump leads. Hope it all works out.
  13. Good looking car well done. What trim have you use on the scuttle facing the driver? Regards Mark
  14. 4 speed box out 5 speed in - two steps forward one step backwards maybe ready for next summer.

  15. MarkBzero

    Iva Test Today

    Joel, Good news and well done a great result. Mark
  16. MarkBzero

    Tools ?

    Mostly what the guys are saying but in you need anything special ask on the forum. I have borrowed a few tools that I would only use once and not worth buying. Regards Mark
  17. I wish.....need to get into the garage and put some hours in. Looking forward to seeing your car at the shows. Regards Mark
  18. More money than sense! Unbeleivable.
  19. MarkBzero

    6 Nations

    Just returned from Scotland and at last Wales managed a win (6:24), first time for 9 games. The social life was great and the Scots were very friendly and Edinburgh is a fantastic city. Twickenham in 2012 any tickets experts out there? Mark
  20. Nick, Looks good, how long did it take to set up? Regards Mark
  21. This forum is a great site compared to many other I use - mat-moo you do a great job. It would be good to have the links in one location - is there anything we can do to help i.e. send you our latest links to keep it centralised. Mark
  22. Very tempting but with a six nations tour, working in ROI for a few weeks I might be pushing for a divorce! I'll have to bribe the misses.
  23. MarkBzero

    6 Nations

    Not a bad result going to Scotlamd v Wales next weekend - come on Wales no wooden spoons pleeeeease.
  24. MarkBzero


    It is a shame that we are losing scrap yards (fond childhood memory) but the main cause is out of our hands. Environmental legislation namely End of Life vehicle (ELV)regulations and EU regs forcing car manufacturer to develop cars that 80% are recyclable. Ebay or new are going to be our only optons.
  25. Bentbonnet PM sent. Jamie - did not think about the mt75 makes sense if I upgrade later, is it a straight swap or will I need new starter, clutch etc. Chutney - You would not beleive how many time I have been out bidded on ebay. Regards all. Mark
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