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  1. I know its cold but could someone do me a favour? As some of you know my Sierra was a South african import fitted with a crossflow and 4 speed box. Nothing wrong with both units except the gearbox will not fit in the Zero chassis. I have two options make another gearbox mount (no welding kit) so this will have to be outsourced or fit a 5 speed type 9 (a rare beast these days). (1) Any opinions welcomed. (2) If I find a type 9 will it bolt directly to the crossflow? (3) Will it used the same clutch set up? (4) Will the original starter fit? (5) Finally does anybody know the measurement from the gearbox mount to the end of the bell housing of a type 9 (mating face with engine), because the 4 speed mount to bell housing length is causing all the problems. Any help appreciated. Regards Mark
  2. Going in the garage on Saturday first time for 12 weeks

  3. A good idea I don't mind giving GBS loads of cash but the wheels are one thing that we can all be different. So I have got mine from wheel based alloys, very helpful on the phone. Mark
  4. Jamie, I have a few hundred photos and want to build a website, blog or photo bucket however with work, family, fostering amd more work and don't forget even more work I don't get enough time in the garage don't worry about building a useful site. Maybe when the car is finished I'll have time. I have posted the photos when hoodies request information. Where's our IT genius - can we have an extension to this forum to include a off the shelf page that we only have to enter out name, build site name and add photos with comments? Mark
  5. Matt, That's the problem have a brandy and lemsip cured.. have a happy birthday. mark
  6. MarkBzero

    New Dash

    Really smart - how do you intend to fit it, without having visable screw heads which would wreck you hard work?
  7. I have been looking at a few remote header tanks Burtons do some nice shiny versions a bit pricey but looks the business.
  8. I think Gary is most probably right with that mileage. However it could be a number of things have you or somebody got access to a compressor it might be worthwhile doing a pressure test with a old spark plug and a welded air union. (you can use a electronic tyre compressor with the same results, but I have never made the union to fit) Remove the valve cover make sure the valves are in the closed position i.e compression stroke. Use the air fitting in the spark plug hole and add compressed air (carefully and slowly. Now listen for a loud hissing from one of the following: 1. Crank case 2. Intake manifold 3. Exhaust pipe 4. External cylinder head/block interface 5. Header/expasion tank. Wherever the hissing is coming from will tell you where you are losing the compression. Hope this helps. Regards Mark
  9. I agree the stand up one will get more air flow therefore increasing cooling efficiency. Is that metal or carbon down the sides? Regards Mark
  10. Alex, Looks a tidy smart job, wish I had the heater next to the car my garage is freezing.
  11. MarkBzero

    Iva Pass

    Congratulations and well done.
  12. Matt, You can have rivets every 25 mm your choice you will most probably cover the back during the IVA. It will not affect the IVA. Regards Mark
  13. MarkBzero

    Sva Price

    Can we not ask GBS to get the kit car IVA'd?
  14. MarkBzero


    All the best in 2011.
  15. Has to be one of the best looking exhaust I have seen on a kit - I want one. Can I dare ask how much ££££. Regards Mark
  16. MarkBzero

    Mechanix Gloves

    I use CAT mechanic gloves from Screwfix £16 does the job. Wife handbrake was stuck on last week and I used them with all the frost and snow, nose was frozen hands OK. Mark
  17. Matt, Yes or even better use clamps to hold against the chassis and sides, measure to ensure everything is equal between left and right then start drilling. Use clekcos or skin pins first then rivets. Regards Mark
  18. Matthew, John's covered the main point "DO NOT be tempted to rivet the bottom of the side to the underside of the panel!!!" I didi and had to remove the rivets and re-drill not in the build manual!!!! It easier than it looks get somebody to help. Regards Mark
  19. ouch doesn't look very safe.
  20. MarkBzero


    Nick, Excellent news well done, great to have another kit on the road. Regards Mark
  21. MarkBzero

    2011 Member

    Paid up ready for another year of comedy, technical advice and club events. Still say this is one of the best forums. Mark
  22. MarkBzero

    2011 Membership

    Thanks Steve, For a minute there I thought you did not want my hard earned cash.......sticker might even make on the car this year. Regards Mark
  23. MarkBzero

    2011 Membership

    Chris, Give me a clue! The link in Rhocar membership forum click here for paypal takes me to my membership page. I can not find an option to renew for next year Regards Mark
  24. MarkBzero

    Part Built Zero!

    John, Good news best of luck for the future. If anything comes up on our recruitment page I'll let you know. Regards Mark
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