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  1. Fantastic machine technology will replace us all eventually. Mark
  2. Should be there in Kit. Note to self: build faster! Mark
  3. Iain, I'll have them sent you a pm. Thank you. Regards Mark
  4. Spencer, My numble opinion; 1. As above weather is important unless you have a warehouse. 2. Plenty of notice, secure the dates early check whats on in the area don't clash with another show or if near a sports venue stay away. 3. Toilets sound simple but some local events have none, share or not enough. 4. Food reasonably priced - i approach a local truck stop burger a few years back in my area and they were glad for the business. 5. Advertise nataionally, local and surrounding counties, including caravan/camping sites, cadet forces, schools, local St Johns ambulance (first aid cover tick in the box)etc. 6. Goodies - car stickers or pens with car show name and year, free entry into prize draw (local firm sponsorship) or award best club/best car etc. 7. Cars - sounds daft but get some confirmed/garanteed attendees. 8. Well sign posted on the day. 9. Marshalls/guides - to help and provide assistance. 10. Joint venture - have it the same day as fairground, market, car booty etc in the next field one location two events more interest to a wider audience. Quick attempt there are many more I'm sure. Let me know were and I'll try to get some work in the area. Best of luck regards Mark
  5. Dan, If it meets your needs then so what. When we were selecting a replacement car they were on the list but in the end we decided on the Fiat multipla. I bet I get the pi55ed taken out of me, but I have to say what a fantastic it meets our needs 6 seats (2 adults, 2 kids ours and 1 or 2 foster kids) and plenty of boot space for a twin buggy, nappy bag, rations, coats, tool box etc.... Now you know why I need a kit car with two seats! Mark
  6. Hopefully getting a set of bleck wheels and tyres from wife, brothers and sisters. Fingers crossed. Jess, I occasionally work in Oldbury once recovered from op would a appreciate a good look at your car. Regards Mark
  7. MarkBzero


    Burton power only a £1.00 but the minimum online order is £2.50 plus P&P go figure!https://www.burtonpower.com/product_main.aspx?prodLanding.aspx?CCode=PC700 Regards Mark
  8. Nigel, Ouch that's gotta hurt, when I was undoing my flywheel bolts the breaker bar broke and my knuckles hit the garage floor at 120mph couldn't use the hand for weeks. Hope you recover soon. Regards Mark
  9. Nick, Sounds great - wouldn't it be good if you could use a camera phone for the IVA? Smart looking car. Regards Mark
  10. Nick, Thank you silkaflex 221 ordered. Cheers Mark
  11. MarkBzero

    Kit Spares

    I like this forum becuase we all have our own opinion and are free to state what we want. I am suppotive of GBS every query has been answered, every item bought has been delivered (eventually) and all build problems resolved. But as a quality and business improvment manager who has worked for many top brands in my opinion they should of waited for the site to be complete, parts, pitures and stock levels. What is the purpose of a business, normally the answer is to make profit, but I would say to produce/sell what the customer needs/wants (very simple terms there's a lot more). If they can not meet this then yes they will fail. If people become disheartened with a website which is below par then they will loose faith and go somewhere else it is easier win new customers rather than try to persuade old customer to come back. I have very high customer satisfaction criteria if a company lets me down once OK forgivable let me down twice then I move to another company (Just left Sky due to poor performance). Unless they have a unique item which is not available anywhere else but then you pay the price. Give the site a chance, you can not make everyone happy and we all have our own expectations. Quality is the answer, now what's the question? Regards Mark
  12. Nick, Looks good I assume you don't like to see screw heads (same here), I like the mesh idea but what adhesive did you use to glue the cycle wings on? Cheers Mark
  13. I can not count for everybody but I have been extremely busy at work and with an operation on Monday I will not be in the garage for 6 weeks. It has been very quiet is it the Christmas build up - funds assigned to other things? If I have any spare time between physio, MSc and work I might try to build a web site or upload photos into photobucket to show the serious lack of progress. Regards Mark
  14. I bet that was a sigh of relief, looking good. Mark
  15. Operation on Monday no garage time for 6-12 weeks - not fair

  16. MarkBzero

    Hose Ends

    Great find Doddy I'll have to get some. Regards Mark
  17. Paul, Thats a good result, just checked my brake hoses and they are touching the top wish bones aswell. I,m sure the retest will easy now you are going to have to change your name from zeroknowledge to expertknowledge. Regards Mark
  18. Clean and tidy job can you feel the diffiernece when driving? Regards Mark
  19. This is why we build and drive these cars. Perfect day wheres the burger van? Regards Mark
  20. Nick, A really good Zero it should be fun next year with the number of Zero's nearly completed. I am to busy with work right now. Winter project buld Zero in freezing garage....maybe. Best of luck for the IVA. Regards Mark
  21. Jamie, Looking good we should have a good number of Zero's on the road next year. Keep the picture coming. Regards Mark
  22. Nick I gave you a positive using the + sign how the hell have I got a neutral score its either - or +. IT baffles the hell out me but I have a good team in work which helps. Best of luck ------------------ who shall I give them to? Regards Mark
  23. Daz, I tried to give you a leg up with a positive comment but I can not understand how to do it. So I'll give you a thumbs up. What happened in profile god knows. Regards Mark
  24. A sad day one less 2b may it rest in peace.
  25. Try this part number from Burtonpower GBT9702 £7.25, good quick delivery. Regards Mark
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