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    Chat Room

    Matt moo - I used the chat room yesterday first time I have visited and actually used it to talk to someone. Normally I all alone sniff, sniff however it was good but I had a constant clicking sound is this normal (similar to the noise when you click a mouse button)? What about a web cam feature then we can se each other and show our cars if we had a problem/fault etc. Regards Mark PS. not that I get much time to get on the PC.
  2. Marty, Looks good so far we are almost at the same stage of the build. Unfortunately with work commitments I have not ben in the garage for 2 weeks. Keep te picture coming. Regards Mark
  3. Keep as is. I originally wanted a 2b but due to work, family and cash flow it was not really possible. When that all settled down I reviewed my options and stuck with RH and selected the Zero for no other reason than it was the latest model. I still review all topics new and old as previously stated most of the car is the same. Also there is a lot of experience on this forum with valuable information. Pat on the back to all you make this a great forum not only the car........ Mark
  4. MarkBzero


    James, Good looking car hopefully see it in the flesh during one of the shows, another inspiration to get a move on with my build. Enjoy it! Mark
  5. MarkBzero

    Malt Shovel

    Another get together I will be missing stuck in Basingstoke working. One of these days...... Regards Mark
  6. MarkBzero

    Hoody Raffle

    Good idea. We have already selected our business charities for this year but I'll appraoch my work and see what I can blag, borrow or steal. Regards Mark
  7. Russel, You will not regret your decision, theres plenty of help on the forum when needed. When is the collection date? Measure twice! Regards Mark
  8. Hi, I agree with Spencer totally. The rear bushes went well but the front had to use extra washers because the bush and tube was too short and I didn't like the thought of the front suspension arms sliding front to rear. Regards Mark
  9. Nick, Smart interior the piping looks good can't wait for the final version with gaiters finished. Regards Mark
  10. MarkBzero


    Matt, My opinion - the Zero is great, yes there are a few teething/annoying problems however ask a question on this site and someone will answer your question. Trust me we have all asked something we have thought is daft. Any difficult issues offer tea and biscuits and someone will even visit your garage to help. Great forum support and GBS are always helpful. Try to visit the Stafford kitcar show in September. Best of luck. Regards Mark
  11. MarkBzero

    Zero Buld Photos

    Spencer, Looks good so far, are my eyes deceiving or have you painted the engine bay blue? You are a little ahead of me keep it up. Regards Mark
  12. I am using normal carbs and I was going to fit a air vent/scoop is there any IVA requirements besides blunted edges? Also how do you paint ABS plastic yellow to match GRP? Can't wait to see the finished scoop. Regards Mark
  13. MarkBzero

    Chrome Rocker Cover

    Ian, Looks a bit pricy I had the air filter cover chromed two weels ago and it cost me £20. But what the hell it looks really good and would be a great addition to the car. What else could you fit with such a 'wow' impact. Regards Mark
  14. MarkBzero

    Radiator Mounting

    Spencer, It would be good to see a side picture if possible please. I have not fitted the rad yet because I have no nose cone until Stafford. A little issue when I picked the Zero up. Nick, I like the hose tunnel through the chassis but same as Steve no welding gear. Regards all. Mark
  15. Thanks guys another job on my long list of jobs to do.
  16. Dan, Speak to John 'gixerboy600' he's managed to get some for the Zero 25mm. Decent chap sent a lot to other Rhocar members. Not sure where he got them from. Regards Mark
  17. MarkBzero

    Not Making Iva

    Andrew, I agree with Ian its worth a go. At least you will have a list of failures to fix ready for the retest. Regards Marks
  18. I remember Clarkson having ago in a kit car and he said it was unsafe and to scary. No sure if it was Top gear or one of his video's. Mark
  19. Cheers Steve, Got home today from work the wife said another 'porn mag' arrive in the post its in your office. Its her nick name for any car, engineering, or parts magzine and the office yep you've gussed it the garage. Good read as always. Regards Mark
  20. Nick, Thank you. I have another set of indicators ready to go on after the SVA. Wouldn't it be easier if VOSA change the requirement when they know we all change them. Regards Mark
  21. James, It won't be long now. That's a fancy photo display my PC struggled I will have to get it upgraded soon. Keep the photo's coming. Regards Mark
  22. MarkBzero

    Download Section

    Good idea especially with the calendar I can never remember what day it is.
  23. Nick, Looking really good, which boots are you using on the front indicators extensions please? Regards Mark
  24. I like them send me a photo when fitted please. Regards Mark
  25. This forum is full of great assets
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