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My new caravan...


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Well then, I've been and collected the Caravan and it's now nestling on my drive! :yahoo: :yahoo:


Really pleased with it, no damp, no damage beyond the odd external dent and a broken bit of trim.

Everything works and it came with a full awning, motor mover, pots & pans, cupboards full of plates, bowls etc...

Water pump, clothes airer and a microwave.

The best bit is the fridge is icy cold... bring on the beer! :good:


All this for the Princely sum of £1150.


Thanks to Simon B for your assistance mate, can't believe you ony live across the road from where i collected it from! :shok:




Perfect length for the drive until i build it a more permanent home on the other drive...






Clean and a hell of a lot more homely than my tent!...






And the spookiest bit.... Check out the sticker i found on the back! :good:




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Even I didn' t spot that sticker !


Glad you got it back safe and sound. I was amused at your reaction to my "bat cave" ! :) Not quite as fancy as "Warlock" from Die hard 4 though ! :)




Reaction? it's like you could take over the world from in there mate. Just need to get you an eyepatch and a white cat! :rofl:


Simons Bat Cave or Nerve Nerd Central... :crazy: :air_kiss:





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Looks good Nick, and a right bargain to boot.


Just one question, where will Dan park his car at Stoneleigh from now on??


It's got a garage Al.... Thats the beauty of buying private mate, i rang about a few at dealers and they where offering diddly squat other than the bare caravan.

Some didn't even come with a battery or water connection pipes! Robbing barstools! :shok:


We we're well impressed when we first saw the awning, was initialy worried it'd be musty or mouldy but it's like brand new! :drinks:






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Believe me a caravan revolutionises camping. You should hear me when I get stuck behind one though, My wife the family expert on caravans reckons you've done ok there. We are currently trying to buy one off ebay, its weird how many people are selling at the height of summer and the weather is good too. I reckon we should wait till autumn when they should be cheaper when people are keen to get rid of them rather than pay for a winter of storage. SWMBO does not agree, she wants an extra berth so her greyhound can have his own bed. I just agree and think I may be able to sneak in another kit car if she gets her caravan.

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This morning I watched my neighbor drive his caravan out onto the road and onto the back of his car using these drive motor things just like a big radio controlled toy! I never knew they existed.


This one has them on also Peter, i must admit though mate, the control box looks far more complicated then selecting R on the gearstick! :crazy:

I just reversed it straight on the drive with the wife watching me against the house / porch. Took seconds TBH.

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Guest zoomzoom

Look, Im away from the forum for a couple of months and this happens!!!!!!!!


Why oh why didnt anyone stop him !! And you lot call yourselves friends :diablo: :diablo:

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Arrr brings back memories of 2007, just about every home in Hull had an ABI/Willerby /Swift caravan in the front garden. Amazing what a good flood does for local manufacturers. :crazy:

The recession hit the industry hard though together with the government trying to tax them out of existence, it's a miracle we have any manufacturers left in the area.

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