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Build Threads?


Should I document my build?  

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Question - do you guys tend to do build threads on here? I notice there seems to be a tendency for people to do blogs. On another forum I frequent it's more popular to do a long-running forum thread, a 'build thread', and keep all the info on the forum for other people's reference. Seeing as I'm about to start the Zero build in earnest, what's the general preference? Do I not see many build threads because people don't tend to like them/read them? I suppose the risk is control of content - in a blog you get to say exactly what you want to say and sod everyone else's opinion :) whereas on a forum it's more of a dialogue, with contributions from other members... but I quite like the idea of having people check what I'm doing :)


Do I start a blog or a build thread :) ?

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I do build threads because I appreciate people's thoughts and suggestions to what I'm doing. Sometimes people spot something I have missed / overlooked....or someone else's suggestion to what I'm doing gets me thinking in a different way and the outcome is usually better than my original idea.


It also builds up the information avalible on the club's forum under the search facility.

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..... A section on the forum/website to post blog links might be interesting too - I know theres an old forum thread that does this - but perhaps a sticky at the top of the tech forums, or even a section from the front page - linking to members blogs or particular articles.




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Is it worth petitioning for a 'build threads' forum


The internal threads could live there + links to external

No need to petition, just ask.

I'm sure it's easy enough for Admin to create a new group for build threads.



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They do tend to go off topic in areas but in my opinion that's not a bad thing........and we don't want to be too over-the-top on policing "off topic" comments as it will just put people off posting.

As long as the op keeps updating the build thread then it naturally stays on topic.


Take my RV8 build thread for example.....quiet a few times it went off topic, but as soon as I updated it with new info it got straight back on course and it got there in the end.

Duck's build thread is also a good example.


I think that going off topic in a build thread is nothing to worry about unless the op requests otherwise.

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That's not a bad idea. You could even make the build threads closed to members only, another good reason to "join the club" in order to get the benefit of advice. Might help keep it on-topic too, although I don't mind some discussion so long as it's relevant.

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