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Robin Hood 2B 4-1 Exhaust And Steering Shaft

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Hi, Pretty new to the forum and I am sure I will have lots of questions. But rebuilding an 80% complete 2b, just changed the pinto manifold and 2 tube standard exhaust for a stainless 4-1. Yes it was a pig to fit and with the engine in place! But its in and looking shiny. I know i need to move the steering shaft and have researched a little on here. But does anyone have pics where they can show their solution?

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Hi, can anyone help as ordering new steering shaft this week. Struggling to find the right position for steering shaft, brake pedal and under bonnet clearance. Any help really appreciated.



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Thanks Rich, That is just what I needed! Looks very similar to what I am doing. I have just got one of the gokart bearings and removing the old sierra bearing under the dash. Do you have pics of under your dash and position of bearing? Is your steering wheel at an angle?

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My steering wheel is square, steering column points straight forwards. Get accelerator pedal as far to the right as possible, then get brake and clutch in a comfortable position. Brake and clutch pedals fit as is, accelerator will probably need cutting.

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