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Clutch Ratchets

Guest Bobbers

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Guest Bobbers

Thanks I reckon a 55 would do as long as the ratchet is the same size just a shallow groove on the 55 will give more movement on the cable , as clutch always bit early

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You could try this one from an orion. 55mm but I can't be sure shaft diameter.


Search ebay for 'ford clutch ratchet' or 'ford clutch quadrant'.

Or even this one at 58mm.


As Bob said above they all seem to have the same centre to teeth diameter but different groove diameters. (I hope) So positioning of the two hooks to hold the cable end gives an idea of groove diameter.



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I never knew they came in different sizes..


I might look to replace mine at some point, but what I did was put some copper break pipe in the grove.

It fits nice and snug and increases the radius.


Nige T

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Some part numbers (usual disclaimer!):


45mm quadrant Febi number 01385, ford 6183030

50mm quadrant Febi number 01384, ford 6183029

55mm quadrant Febi number 01388, ford 6189055

58mm quadrant Febi number 11439, ford 1029013

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