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Alloy Wheel Cleaner.

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Well we have some industrial detergant for washing loading shovels..that stuff will make your hands itchy and if u leave it on the shove it fade paint on it..i always use that and brush for my car wheels and its great but it comes in barrels from some local company..

Maybe if u mnow some lorry or heavy machinery mechanica or drivers they can get something like that

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I jet wash first, then use Wonder Wheels or Auto Glym wheel cleaner working with various "stiffish" brushes to agitate. Leave to dwell for a couple of minutes then agitate again followed by a jet wash. If it a long time since they were properly cleaned I follow up with Iron X which dissolves iron particles that are stuck in the paint/lacquer. Even with very clean looking wheels you'll see contamination being dissolved and turning purple. Another jet wash, dry, tar remover (IPA), then a wax with Poorboys wheel wax.

Now I know you are sitting there saying ffs! But now they will almost hose rinse clean the next time you wash them.

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Merlins Blood (or equivalent). Spray on, leave, jet wash off, wipe down/polish. Job done!



I respectfully disagree ;). Complete marketing bull*bleep*, like Purple Rain, for people who can't be arsed to just run a brush over some wheels. Does absolutely nothing more than hot soapy water would do - certainly did not remove any iron deposits of any significance off my tintops' wheels. Looks pretty, sure, but not worth the £20 a bottle.

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When the grime is really ingrained i give them a t-cut (or similar) and then a wax. I wouldn't do it that often as t-cut etc removes paint but seeing as the grime is burnt into the paint you will need to cut it back to a good surface.


Once you have nice clean alloys then you can keep them clean with a cleaner and a good wax every now and then.


Depends how bad they are i guess. For example no amount of spray cleaner is going to get my bmw alloys clean at the moment they are properly stained into the paint.



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