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I Need A Runaround

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So Im 3 months away from the end of my PCP on my 2014 Mini Cooper S. I got it as an ex demo and in the first 7000 miles it had a new gearbox, new engine and bottom end rebuild. Anyway the warranty ran out today, and there is no way Im driving the car not covered by any warranty I was going to give it back in 3 months but Ive found out I can give it back now and walk away... which is what I am doing.


So I need a cheap car to run to work and back, max £2000 budget.... I want some extras as well there are quite a few SAAB 93s Etc coming up... can any one reccomend something fun and with a bit of kick?

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If you want reliability go for a Honda or toyota.


I had one of these for 11 years, the best car that I've ever had. 45 - 50 mpg, and will go ok for a diesel.



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on a site on face book audi a4 £750 long mot


Wouldn't touch one with your barge-pole! German engineering is all Hype, they're living on long past marketing. Even if they were a good car, I wouldn't touch one because of the stigma that belongs to Audi drivers now.

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Any of the VAG group of 2005ish vintage you will spend days replacing door locks, window mechanisms and trying to stop water soaking the carpets having leaked through poor door innerskin seals. Family has a bora, golf, fabia and polo of that vintage. They are good reliable drives but twice I've had to break open an unlockable door, replaced at least six door locks, umpteen electric window mechanisms and only the polo has dry carpets.



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