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Aldi Sunday


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always concerning though when it says for metal drilling on the box and then in the contents below it says 11 masonary bits and in the description lists masonary as one of the things they can drill. :help:


I always find cheap drill bits very brittle. I've taken to buying slightly more expensive packs of the ones i actually use a lot.


Sometimes worth a shot though. Bought a cheap router table from Aldi i think it was £20 or less and that's been brilliant.

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Back in the day ---we stocked every size of HSS drill from 0.3mm to 13mm in 0.1mm steps & 13 to 25 in 0.5mm steps --- bet Aldi don't match that.


I bet they don`t too..........


But then again, I bet you did`nt stock tampons either :rofl:

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Bet you didn't have an ATM either. Ours did until about 4 this morning when a gang of scumbags extracted it with a land rover 110. We got called out because the automatic fire alarm was activated and beat the police there by a couple of minutes. Half the entrance has been pulled out. Thousands of pounds worth of damage, hopefully the machine was nearly empty.

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It makes me furious. We are only a small town and that is the only decent supermarket for miles. When you think of all the cost too, the lost cash and ATM, the damage to the store and their lost revenue, the police investigation, the fire service attendance and the stolen vehicles are just a few things. We are a soft target here since our police station was closed, the nearest one is now ten minutes away at least on blue lights and by the time they get here the perpetrators are long gone as they are so practiced at it. Makes a change for them to use a 4wd rather than a JCB telehandler though.

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Well, the drills have paid for themselves already.

The head snapped off a bolt when doing the final last tightening turn on the kick start of my piece of sh*t Peugeot Chinese scooter.

I put a 6mm drill nearly an inch down the center of the bolt. Job done.

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