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Hoodstock Kit Car Fest August 3Rd 4Th And 5Th 2018


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Wasn't it you that had to pass an MOT first Mark?

Yep, 3 months off work, 14 months and 5 operations I am just about firing on 4 cylinders. Eager to get the car back on the road and catch up up everything I missed last year.

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My own kids are refusing to go unless they can have very fast WiFi connection, foster kids are up for it but child seat dont fit very well in the kit (and I am not risking damaging my new Intatrim heated odyssey seats).

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Here are the routes for the run out on Sat, if we leave the site around 11:30 - 12:00 ish then we will arrive at the Plough Inn for a 2:30 lunch.


I have booked 20 -30 places for lunch and will post sample menu as soon as I can. The pub will need a pre order but I will post the July/August menu as soon as I get it.


If you could let me know if you are having lunch that would be a great help and I will add you to the list.




Return can be via the A46





Or we will be taking the country route......





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