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Outdoor Cover


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Sorry if this has been answered already but I can only find posts a few years old.


I have now bought a superspec and need a breathable outdoor cover, I have seen the Hamilton ones but a bit pricey for now so looking for a good quality budget version (sub £50)

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weird as i was just thinking about putting a post online about how good my cover is. Mother-in-law-to-be bought me a halfords one for my birthday a few months back. It was this one http://www.halfords.com/motoring/car-accessories/car-covers-tarpaulins/halfords-all-seasons-car-cover-extra-small.


She originally bought me the medium one but after looking at the sizes on the packet realised it would have been huge on the 2b so instead got the Extra-small one which fits like it was made for it! I am really amazed at how well it fits.


It's been outside in a few good heavy rain storms and has kept it perfectly dry. It's got a couple of vents which thankfully are in the correct position to keep it dry although it only works one way around. It's got good strong elastic cuffs which tuck in nice and secure (i live on a hill which is quite windy) and has 3 straps that go under the car.


no idea how long it will last but i'm happy with it so far.



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I got one of the outdoor car covers from Car Builder Solutions https://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/small-outdoor-car-cover-41m


The small size is perfect for a Superspec, although I found the straps to go under the car too fiddly to use regularly so I now use 3 long bungee chords to hold the cover on.


Its served well in all weathers for 2 years but Ive now found Ive torn the material in a couple of places by trying to straighten it or pull it off the car.

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Found this on Pistonheads website, something about putting car away with wet paintwork rather than drying it off.causes micro bubbles in the paint!




yeah it mentions it on the packaging. Not quite sure why it happens but currently my paintwork is so bad it isn't a problem. I figured i'd put a blanket underneith when i re-do it. I don't have any fibreglass showing so that won't be a problem for me.


will try and get a pic tonight, car is over my parents at the mo so i didn't get chance to take one.

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I've had a few over the years. What destroys mine is high winds and gusts. The movement wears the water proofing and soon after weakens the fabric. I've invested in a cargo net 'thing' which I hope will stop the crazy fluttering that happens when the wind picks up.

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