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Kitfest @ Santa Pod 14Th To 16Th June 2019


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This event has just popped up on my Facebook feed, it's a little far for me in Devon but may be of interest for some closer. Its on 14th-16th June 2019




Hope link works, if not just Google it.

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Very odd, wouldnt be happy if I was Retro Show. Reminds me of when the organisers of French Car Show tried to put on the German Car Show on the same day and venue as each other :rofl:


Have asked how the RWYB will be working, as RetroShow only allows pre-95 cars

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This has also been mentioned on the Westfield forum. One of the guys noticed that it was actually just a club stand for the NWKCOC, so they emailed the organiser about a WSCC stand and got the following reply:


Hi Kev 
It is the same weekend as the Retro Show but it’s own show in another section of the park. More details will follow this week. Santa Pod are setting up KITFEST tickets separately, so hang fire for a week if your looking to book.
Will be a great weekend.


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either way it should be a good event and another for the calendar. I have tried a few times to set something set up for santa pod but never got the support so hopefully Trevor can do better. From experience I will be costing him to put the event on so hope the weather works out for it.

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