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January has been a busy month both with renewals (thanks for everyone who has renewed) and also to the following new members:

Luke B                   FarmerSpud                                       Durham

Michael P            mickpond                                            Southampton                                   

Ian T                      barney7                                               Lincoln

Dale H                  Dale Hutchings                                 Nuneaton

Colin B                  CCB                                                        Ipswich

John P                   JPP                                                         Maldon               

Leyton P              Leyton                                                  Ammanford                                      

Andy S                  AndySimo                                           Doncaster

Paddy L                Paddy Lawler                                     Billingshurst

Chris O’D             CHRISTOPHER O’DONOGHUE    Worcester

Neil K                    Neilo                                                     Sunderland       

Paul T                    Brum                                                     Stowmarket

Paul W                 Paddy1970                                          Consett

Martin M             humberdale                                        North Ferriby   

Stewart P            Stewart                                                Walsall

Chris H                 Sparepart                                            Chichester

Welcome to everyone.

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Welcome to the following new members who joined in February. Quite a wide geographic spread which is good to see.Hopefully we'll get to see a few of you at Stoneleigh which is just 9 weeks away.

David S                 DavidGRS                            Southend on Sea                             

Peter B                 Bruffy                                   Epsom 

Paul G                  Griff1755                             Romford

Matthew H          project-tubey                       Bristol

William McH      Billy                                        Newton Stewart

Francis Z             FranZ                                    Woodbridge

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New members for March are as follows. Welcome to everyone. It's looking like it'll be a quiet few months for all of us but if you're managing to get out in the garage to do those jobs you've always been meaning to, why not post some info and picture on the forum and share them with everyone.

Craig H                  Craig heard                         Bromsgrove

Ed B                       edbond                                Droitwich

Gary H                   Gary H                                 Kilmarnock

Justin L                 Justin Lilley                        Sidmouth

Richard L              RichardLaidlow                  France

Callum W             Callum Watson                  Keighley

Mike S                   mike slater                         Much Wenlock

Stuart D                stuart Dodson                   Great Yarmouth                                               

Alan R                   Alvin                                    Glasgow

Mark R                  Mark Rumble                     Darlington


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Well it seems hard to believe but in normal circumstances, I'd be at Stoneleigh today getting ready for the show this weekend. With no definite end to the lock-down in sight, it's difficult to predict when the first show of the year will be but it's good to see that we are still getting new members joining, so welcome to the following people who joined in April:

Edward P             Edward Parkinson            Sunderland

Kevin P                 MedipWursel                    Bristol

Andrew H            Andrew Howe                   Penrith                                

John H                   motojohn                         Exeter

Kevin M                K33vmo                             Aberdeen

John G                  John Glass                        Stevenage

Chris C                  painter                                Helston                                               

Keith M-F            Rochdale Olympic            Isle of Wight      

Grant E                 Grant Edwards                  Lowestoft                                          

Barry R                  Barry Reid                           Dundee

Richard T              Richard Thorrington        Reading          

Simon S                Sid76                                  Westergate

Ashley S               Ashley_Stehr                     Southampton

Lee R                     Lee Rayboult                     Brierley Hill                                       

Gavin T                 gavinmr2                            Morpeth

For those of us who have a bit more time on our hands and are spending some of it in the garage, why not stick a post about it on the forum and show off your handiwork? If you've got a bigger project on, we welcome articles for the magazine. Don't work too much about the format, grammar or spelling, we just need some words and preferably a few photos and magazine Editor Neil (nelmo) will do the rest.

Contact him via private message LINK  or magazine@rhocar.org


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Well I must have been busy doing something (actually in the garage) because I'm a few days late posting the welcome list. (I'll be posting some pictures later to show what I've been up to).

Down to the more important business and welcome along to the following new members who joined in May. The slight easing in restrictions means those of us in England can at least get out in their cars without feeling quite so guilty but I'm sure everyone in looking forwards to a return to  normal, whatever that turns out to be.

Tommy L              Tommy gun07                                 Bishop Auckland

Nicholas P-H       nickp                                                 Southport                                          

Mark W                 Mw@p2plogistics.co.uk                  Stoke on Trent

Keith C                  Keith Clipsham                                Guilsfield

William W             William Williams                              Cogenhoe                              

David L                  DaFreeLum                                       Cannock

Gordon B              Gordon Butler                                    Hartlepool

Richard S              Richard Stainsby                              Bishop Auckland

Christopher S       Series7                                               Congleton

Katie N                  Katie Nunn                                         Darlington

Mike F                   Mike Fahey                                         Goring-by-Sea                                  

Nicola S                TRAB (roary the racing car              Bishop Auckland                      

Dave B                  dave baker                                           Bradford             

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Welcome all, it's great to have you on board. Glad to see a couple of Staffs in the club too, could do with more members out this way. 

If you have any questions, please ask away or private message myself or any other committee member. 


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  • 2 weeks later...

With a lack of shows to look forward to, this year seems to be flying by. With the opening of some pubs very soon, we might actually be in a position to get some of the area meets back up and running which will be a good start. July has been another good month for new members so welcome aboard to the following people. Please remember to put your approximate location in the Members map to help keep in touch with other people local to you.


Robert F               robfoster                           Leicester

Silvio P                 Silvio Pignone                  Pinner

David O’L             Wavey                                Southampton

Gerald M             max                                     Kings Lynn

Jonathan M        Jon                                      Abergavenny                                                  

Lee D                    Lee Dodds                         Newton Abbot

Alan C                   Bullcrums                         Sunderland

Nicholas M          Nicholas Matthews         Wombourne

Nick M                  Nick Mann                         Guernsey

Adrian W             Adrian                                  Birkenshaw                                                       

Adrian D               Engineered Racing           Derby

David A                 Dave A                               Grantham

Mark E                  Tonka                                 Doncaster

Paul M                  paulmiskow                      Wadebridge      

Steven B              Steve B                               Preston                                                               

Stephen W          Steve W                              Bristol

Peter B                 Peter Bonavia                   Trowbridge

Anyone who has renewed or joined as a new member since 5th June will still be waiting for their welcome pack. Apologies for this as we have been having problems sourcing membership cards. The cards are expected from the supplier this Friday which should give me the chance to get all of the outstanding packs in the post this weekend.

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Hi all and welcome to the club.

As Richy said get in touch with your local rep for meets and runs or if you need someone to come round and have a look at a problem or if you need to look at another car to see how something is put together.



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  • 5 weeks later...

Another weekend of decent weather for most of us so hopefully a few will have been out and about in their kits. Another month has passed and we're already planning the End of Season Event, time certainly flies.

Thankfully we're starting to see a few area meets starting again so try and support them if you can. We've had another busy month for new memberships so welcome to the new members below. If you don't have a local meet in your area and would like to try and get something regular started, let me know and we'll try and help.

Brian S                  Brian Seedle                  Blackpool

Matthew B           Matty75                          Dunfermline

David W               Dave_uk101                    York

Chris M                Chrismac                         Middlesborough

Mark R                  Tayto.King                       Romford

Chris M                 oldgitmk1                        Newcastle under Lyme

Edward B             Edward Briscoe               Henley on Thames

Gary H                  Gary Hull                           Southampton

Andy W                Andy whiting                     Northampton                   

Peter C                 peter                                   Liverpool            

Michael B            Michael Baker                   Repton

John G                  John Gaunt                       Dalmuir

John N                  Johnboy                            Harlow

Gavin M               gavin macfarlane              Great Moulton

Richard T              Richard54                         Cramlington

David T                 dave192                               Stockport

Joshua S               josh                                       Cambourne

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  • 5 weeks later...

Well despite not having any of the usual events so far this year, at least we're still having the End of Season Bash in a little over a weeks time. It's been good to see that new memberships have continued to come through (including 2 from mainland Europe) and from some of the posts on the forum, I can see that some people are getting stuck in to new projects. It may be a bit earlier that the usual Winter project fever but it provides some interesting reading and a chance to share the wealth of knowledge available through the club.

I know some of the new members are planning to attend the EOSB so it will be good to see you there and to everyone, a warm welcome aboard.

Laurent C          LAURENT COMPASSI      Bourg de Péage, France

Richard K          RichK                            Shipston on Stour

Dave S              Davido174                     Sittingbourne

William B          William Brown               Liverpool

Michael C          m Chorley                     Caldicot

Stuart P             Patt                               Morpeth          

Gerhard W        Gerhard                        Ludwigschafen, Germany

Philip H             Phil hunt                        Ashbourne

Stephen B         stephen bowen              Leominster

Rowland J         No.6                             Nuneaton

Alan S               phaeton                        Worksop

Tracey B            Jago                             Cambridge

Thomas G         Gunby1990                    Bishop Auckland

Kevin G             Kevxathome                  Glasgow

Stuart Y             Stuart Yates                   Toddington

Geoff W            Geoff Whetton               Uttoxeter

Ray S                raystevenson                 Earl Shilton

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  • 4 weeks later...

September has come and gone and we've had just one club organised event for the whole kit car season. The End of Season Bash earlier in September very nearly didn't go ahead due to COVID regulations but we just managed to scrape in the weekend before the rule of six came in to force.

I hope that everyone who attended enjoyed it and with a bit of luck, maybe we'll actually see more events next year and will get to meet some of our newer members face to face. Until then, it's just a verbal welcome to the following new members who joined in September.

David H              David Horabin              Widnes

Scott MacN      Scott MacNab              Porthlethen

Jeremy M         Jeremy                            Northampton

Yves K              yves-lemans                  Le Mans France                                  

Rick T               Ricktate                             St Annes

Chris C             Norfolk chris                  Norwich

Mike D             Miked5                               Barnard Castle

Chris E             Chris Eggleton               Basildon

Jay W               Jay Waterhouse             Solihull

Tony P             Tony007                             Doncaster

Gordon M        rdeagle1029                    Blackpool

Francis C        Francis Castelli                Norwich

Ian C                Ian Craster                          Middlesborough

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