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  • 5 weeks later...

November already, soon be Christmas although I've got a feeling the next 4 weeks are going to drag. October has been a manic month for me so I've hardly been on the forum and when I have, I've not been able to read through the threads as thoroughly as I normally do. Hopefully people are still getting a good response to any questions and it's nice to see people sharing their builds / modifications with everyone. I think it's especially useful at the moment to have things to keep us all interested when the opportunities to actually get out in our cars are so limited.

Once again welcome to the following new members who joined on October and remember to try and post your approximate location on the Members Map, it will be useful to see who else is nearby when we finally get the chance to meet more freely.

Andrew A             Andrew Arcaro                Daltry

Thomas W            Y Decwin Cymraeg       Cardiff     

Chris S                    Chris Scott                        Sittingbourne

Perry C                    Perry                                    Brading

Simon A                  Si1911                                   Stockton on Tees

Paul E                      Pellis                                     Bury

Richard L               Misternomer                     Maidstone                              

Christopher G     cgilbert8                             Wirral

Barry B                   Bigboybazza                     Lancing

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Hi and a very warm welcome all. It`s damn near winter now and so one could take this opportunity to do any modifications or general upkeep on the cars.

As Richy said post your rough location on the members map, it`s always handy to know there could be someone nearby to help out or cast a constructive eye.

One final thing, please start and keep asking questions on the forum, no matter how big or small. We love to answer them and it keeps the forum continually interesting.



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Hi all, I am a new member and I am really new to the world of kit cars. I purchased my 2B a couple of months ago, already built and ready for the IVA (allegedly).  I have found a few issues with the build already. The steering shaft knuckle joint is catching against the alternator, so I have adjusted the alternator position and need a shorter belt to accommodate the new position. Also the steering shaft bearing has had to be replaced in the bulk head/fire wall. The car is fitted with  removable Sparco steering wheel. I have been told it will need to be replaced with the genuine Sierra wheel or at least a padded wheel for the IVA. Could someone confirm if this is the case please? Also, do I need to fit side repeaters and have the front indicators on the nose cone? Currently the indicators are just behind the nose cone. these are the issues I have come across so far. Is it worth getting it tested and then sorting out the problems, or am I best trying to sort any problems first to reduce the possibility of a fail? Any advice would be gratefully received. Many thanks

apologies if this is posted in the wrong place.

Cheers Gordon

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For some reason I find a bit more time on my hands just now. I often look at For Sale and other forums (fora?) that are near the top of the list ... but not scrolled down ... now I see Chit Chat ... and over another cuppa .. notice this thread ... and see that on Feb 1st I was listed as a new member .... suprising since I have been paying subs and getting mags for years ... no matter ... I saw a new member in Chichester ... then looked at the map but neither of us were there ... then I saw the request to add ourselves if we wanted (I agree, you cant do it automatically, its confidential) ... so I added myself. I wonder how many others are not on the map through ignorance like myself?. I am not sure if I want to get really chummy with a load of local people in the South whom I have never met, at my age I can be quite grumpy at times (no excuse I know but true) .... however If I can help someone with obviously one common interest ... and they are not far away then ... some form of quid pro quo (that is Welsh for lend my a pound) might be possible.

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January was a busy month for renewals (not that I was doing the memberships then) and although I don't normally list the renewals, you managed to sneak in anyway.

It's difficult to see who isn't on the map and I do try to remind people that it's there especially since GDPR regs have prevented us from sending out local members details in the members packs. I see interaction between local members as crucial to the survival of the club and hopefully once we are able to meet more freely, we will see more of it.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I'm a few days late with this post due to being kept busy doing other things so apologies for that. Hopefully everyone is coping with whatever restrictions they're currently under and is looking forwards to things easing a bit over the Christmas period.

Welcome to the following new members who joined in November. Feel free to get stuck in to posting stuff on the forum, especially if you've got questions or a winter project on the go.

Peter S              Boggis2010                   Tenterden

Ian B                  Ian B                              Daventry

Lewis H             LewisH                          Maidenhead


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  • 4 weeks later...

New Year already and after all the excitement of the recent festivities, it's time to welcome the following new members who joined in December.

Graham M         Graham Mann                Tonbridge


Geoffrey S          Doof                                      Northampton

Mark H                 smpaarrkky                       Newport

Raymond K        Raymond Kennedy         Montrose

 Steve D               Stonky 62                           Reading


Trevor M             Trevor                                   Malvern

Craig M               Craig Moore                       Barrow in Furness

Remember you can post your location on the Members Map section of the forum which helps to make contact with other members in your areas.

The next issue of the club magazine is being put together at the moment. With the lack of events and shows in 2020, there's not much to report on, so we've decided to give paid up Members the chance to have their car pictured in the magazine, together with a few words. 

Don't delay, more details can be found here, together with an added incentive!!



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  • 5 weeks later...

I'm a few hours early this time but I'm posting now while I've got the time.

As usual January has been our busiest month for memberships as we have a lot of renewals from the old calendar year memberships. I don't normally list the renewals but I'd like to thank the 60 odd people who've chosen to renew in January. It's a difficult time for everyone and it's great to have your support as we look forward to a return to normality.

Welcome along to the following new members who joined this month:

James T             Jthorneuk                      Weston Super Mare

Nick W                Nick Wilson                   Boston

David G              DPG                                   Peterborough

Lee P                   sleeky                              Biggleswade

Nick A                 Nic                                     Bury     

Ashley S            Ash1985                         Chelmsford

Shaun S             Shaun A S                     Woodbridge

Hilary W            toriitom                          Crumlin

Don't be shy, we'd like to see you getting stuck in on the forum. A quick reminder also that if you have a project or article that you think might be of interest in the magazine, contact the editor Neil magazine@rhocar.org or message @nelmo on here. Don't worry too much about format, grammar etc, Neil can help with that if you need.


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  • 1 month later...

February might be a short month but there's been plenty going on membership wise. We still have many members renewing which is good to see. Hopefully now we have the roadmap out of the current restrictions, we will start to see more chances to get out and about and hopefully meet up.

Welcome along to the following new members who joined in February.

Marc S              marc spicer                        Leicester

Malcolm P         megadodo                        Cambridge

Jacob R             YellowRobinRacer          Worcester

Martin B            BasfordM                            Birmingham

Kevin A             Grizzly classics                Shrewsbury

Dave G              MrG                                        Chesterfield

Due to workload, I'm on the forum far less than ever but I have noticed plenty of posts from new members getting stuck in asking questions. Thanks to everyone who's taking time to start threads and to reply, it shows what a useful resource the forum is and also what a friendly club we are.

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  • 5 weeks later...

Apparently I could now go out in the kit and meet another kit owner outside - thought it must be 1st April. Anyway I did get out in the kit last night and today drove it to work and pulled it all apart. Looks like I picked the wrong time to do my winter mods.

At least we're finally getting the chance to be out and about again. March saw the following new members joining - a warm welcome to everyone.

Philip S             P Steel                          Lisburn

Neil R               Neilzy                           Leigh on Sea

Tomasz K          2bTom                          Bolton

Paul P               Paul Poynter                  Weston Super Mare

Colin G             Colin Gwyer                   Newent

Joe W               TheBean                        Doncaster

Greg B              Greg B                          Colchester

Allan B              Curly                             Botley

David Y             David yiend                   Minehead         

David M            David Moore                 Southam

Leon H              Aralocost                      Worksop

Chris F              caf                                Bournemouth

Chris C              RallyChris                      Thatcham

Mark F              Mark Foster                   Higham Ferrers

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A very warm welcome to you all.

If you havn`t done so, just say hello, tell us a bit about your car or intended car.

People on here love answering questions, so fire away.. No question too big or small.

Or if your happy just lurking in the background, then we like that too.




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