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A huge welcome to you all.

Quite a few in from down South, which is always good to spread the mix about.

Please fire away with the questions, no matter how big or how small. They love questions on this site.



Mr Chairman


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Hi everyone

I guess we would expect that the winter months would not set the world on fire and not surprisingly October was a fairly disappointing month. Of the 23 members whose subscription expired, only 12 renewed, with a 11 lapsing.  But we did manage to pick up 8 new members (and one returning member whose membership had lapsed a couple of years ago).  So overall we went down by only 2 to 387.

So here are the new members, following the usual format with their forum username, with their actual first name in brackets if it isn't obvious, and their location.  This month I have also added the username of their Area Secretary.  Please use the message system (The envelope icon in the top right corner of the screen) if you would like to see if they are interested in a meet or if you want to discuss anything with the area sec.

Joel                                    West Midlands        richyb66        
LeicJim3a (Jim)                 Leicestershire        tractor
Webstermick(Michael)      Leicestershire        tractor
dikster1 (Richard)              South East             nelmo
Brian75                               West Midlands       richyb66
Roger                                  North West            darrell
Corgi (Colin)                       North West            darrell
john henry                           Scotland                soupstone
Dave Gandy                        Central Midlands   andi

This months plea is yet again for some volunteers to come forward to help the Committee run the Club.   We have been unable to fill the Events Secretary post since the last AGM and we still don't have a volunteer to take over from Neil next year as Magazine Editor.  If you want to know what is involved in each post then check out the Terms of Reference at : https://www.rhocar.org/index.php?/forums/topic/50463-terms-of-reference-for-club-officials/&do=getNewComment  

Surely there are some among the 387 of you who could help ?  Or maybe one of our many Community Users ?   Remember the posts come with free membership.   With apologies to Lord Kitchener "Your Club needs you".😀


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