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<chuckle> this takes me back to being a kid, I had the same discussion with my dad.

"What's nearside mean?"
"It's the side of the car near the kerb"
"Oh, so, the left?"
"Unless you're in europe..."
"So why not call it the left side?"
"Errm, yeah"

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14 hours ago, sylvia.fry2 said:

and in countries driving on the right???😏

Still O/S and N/S but they are the opposite to here. I guess if we wanted a universal standard, we should say 'drivers side' and 'passenger side' - then it doesn't matter what side you drive on or whether you're looking from the front or the back. 

Who knew this was so complicated? 🙂


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Form IVA-1C

Question 3b. Position of stamped VIN on vehicle.
On all vehicles other than North American vehicles, the VIN should be stamped into the chassis frame or body.  Please state where this number is stamped into the vehicle e.g. under bonnet L/H side (viewed from the driver’s seat) or front chassis leg L/H side.

As Stated mine was stamped (FRONT CHASSIS CROSS MEMBER)

As long as you state the position of the VIN then it can be anywhere.

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That's the IVA application form not the actual test standard so if they test it to the letter of the standard, it needs to be on the right hand side. Just goes to show DVSA don't know their own rules.

I think the point of stating the position on the form is to save them having to go hunting for the VIN if it's not where they expect it to be.

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13 hours ago, Bob Tucker said:

Is that standing in front of it? or driving it?

Is it left & right or port & starboard with aircraft Bob?  My aircraft was very round & front was always the direction the balloon was headed, turning vents allowed any point to be port or starboard. When sailing, port & starboard ruled, you would be asked " Which side? " if we uttered " on the left or right; seems universal enough & pre-dates these new contraptions called motor cars.

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Port and starboard Bob.....easy for a pilot of a jumbo jet, but model aircraft are much more difficult.

For example, if its upside down and coming towards you...

The elevator is reversed, the ailerons are reversed, and the rudder is reversed.

If its right side up coming towards you, elevator is normal, rudder and ailerons are both reversed.

If its upside down going away, elevator is reversed, ailerons are normal, rudder is reversed.

Port and starboard are minor considerations trying to get  a 70 year old brain working all that out in milliseconds.  Thats why I build so many..

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