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Camping weekend 13/8/2021 vale of Belvoir


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Plan a failed - kit car misfire

Plan b failed - can't find tow hitch for tin top

Plan b back on. *bleep* trailer lights not working

Plan c - can't be bothered to fix lights and wait u til it's dark.

That's it, going to make the most of the day light dragging the trailer tent with or without lights see you in a few hours.

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On 8/14/2021 at 6:44 AM, apgodden said:

Mark,  Richie told me about your trailer tent break down.  I have a car trailer at Belvoir camp site.  Do you still need help...... 



Thanks for the offer, someone from the Staffordshire club picked me up. Just a bad evening recovery firms were quoting 6 hour plus delays.

Thank you

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Thanks for doing the organising guys, we had a great weekend.

Just for the benefit of those that don't know, Kerry and Sharon applied for club funding which paid for the BBQ on Saturday. This is a great way for the club to give a bit more to members. 

If anyone else wants to organise an event, they can apply for funding by contacting any committee member.

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 Big thank you to Kerry and Sharon for organising this event and being perfect hosts. It was worth the 350 mile round trip....... 

Campsite was very good lovely toilets / shower block and a pub on the door step...... 

I brought my wife and daughter to this one for the first time and they are asking me to book them to EOSB. 


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