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Newbie to Kit Cars -Suspension question


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The "Barrelback" is a bit of a rarity and there doesn't seem to be much info. around for it. 

I have found a post stating that the donor for them was either Mk4 or 5 Cortina but how much was Cortina & how much was RH is a good question.


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Thanks Guys, I wasn't sure if R/H suggested or dictated what donor car is used for each kit, but I'm finding out that doesn't seem to be the case.

Maybe that's why it's a Q plate, its been built from may different cars! Just a real pain to get spares, if I don't know what car I'm looking for.


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I’m sure the top wishbone is a rhe design I’ve seen similar on an early cortina based car. The lower seems to use a cast control arm with an additional front section, it could be triumph not sure if it looks ford. What is the pcd on your front wheels, if its 108 then it’s likely a ford upright, if it’s different then triumph 4” pcd  or 41/4”?

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