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  1. Where is the best place to mount one of these switches?
  2. Bet someone will contact him privately for a sale. I cant believe he didnt twig must be a right plank. If it was me I would just list it as a kit car and say it had a V5. Somebody would buy it. A lot of people just put the names of several other makes in the title listing and then put NOT afterwards. That seems to comply with ebay rules. Perhaps I just have a devious mind. Better be careful in front of the crusading Duck and definitely not post any of my thoughts on any forums! Did you get your wheels fitted yet?
  3. Make sure you have the right pressure radiator cap fitted. i think I saw on another post about cooling that you need the 14lb one. As you say it could be heat soak when you turn the engine off causing a localised boil up and ejection of water. When I had air in my Redtop it caused the water to gush out of the top of the radiator with the cap off and through the overflow with the cap fitted. As you have drained the system I presume you have changed the plumbing in some way so make sure you have got everything right. There are plenty of people on here with the same engine who should be able to help. Persevere with it, I know how frustrating it is kneeling in pools of expensive coolant on the garage floor but you will get there, I think I have. Kevin
  4. Another Redtop with twin 45's though. Distributor off a mk 2 cavalier I think. Simple but effective. 153bhp last time on the rollers
  5. 5W 40W or is that just when you have too much of it?
  6. Yep, I was too busy sitting in the corner of the garage giggling and eating mars bars.
  7. Being relatively new to the kit car scene I had no idea who you were talking about until I saw an old edition of A Car is Born on one of the freeview channels. There he was selling the presenter a brand new ford v8 and gearbox for 4500 quid. Bet he bought a lot of potting compost with that wedge. We are unfortunate enough to have a family a couple of doors away from us who dabbled in illegal activities. Customs and excise raided their house and I caught one of the sons escaping out of their garage window through my garden with a bag of swag. Lucky he didnt get a hiding as I was suffering with an impacted wisdom tooth at the time and not in the best of moods. The father got 9 months in an open prison for his wrong doings but by the time his case came to court the aforementioned scroat was doing 6 and a half years for armed robbery trying to feed his drug habit. Then top it all his mother got 14 months for trying to smuggle drugs into prison for him. How the other half live!
  8. Its back on again, seller says the listing was removed due to a problem with the wording of the advert
  9. I would imagine the S2000 engine and box would be brilliant. I ran a civic type R for several years and you didnt need to cane it to make normal progress. It really got going after 5500 rpm and with that brilliant gearbox it was a very good hot hatch. Equally at home at a track day or at tesco's!
  10. Good engine though. Torquey but not as torquey as a rover v8
  11. My wife wants to join a caravan club, this is ideal! Sticker please
  12. My heart would have been in my mouth at the thought of all that expensive coolant pushing against a loose hose I had forgotten to tighten properly. I always seem to get at least one leak every time I disturb the cooling system. Much better now that I am using silicone hoses though.
  13. One just posted on ebay in kit cars. Five grand though!
  14. No kidding, when I got home from work today all my clothes were completely dripping, I was freezing cold and the woodburner had gone out. Still managed to get in the garage for half an hour once the feeling had come back to my fingers
  15. Its already been said, cold air does give more bhp.Its denser so you can get more in. It may not be much but anything free is worth having. I am currently trying to work out how to blank off all the space around the radiator so that all the air flows through it but I shall also be putting a piece of ducting in so that my carbs have a supply of cooler air. Water mist injection kits are or certainly were available recently for diesels to reduce the charge air temperature.
  16. I didn't want a pinto engined car either, opting for a C20XE which produced 153 on the rolling road but more importantly it is torquey. Thats just with a couple of webber DCOE's, no fancy ignition or other gizmos. But there are a lot of tuning bits for the pinto so if you feel the need to tune it yourself you can. Despite not wanting one in my first kit, the Sylva I bought to do up for my wife has a pinto in it so I have the best of both worlds. Gonna put some bike carbs on it just to try something else other than webbers. Top speed to me has little relevance in this sort of car with acceleration being far more important. It goes like stink from rest and pulls like a train even in fifth gear when overtaking so I am pleased with my choice.
  17. I think if you did that lot in one day on your own you deserve a drink. Probably would have taken me a week, not including the week looking at it and sighing and tutting. Should shove it along all right I reckon.
  18. I used one from Car Builder Solutions when my original packed up. It is adjustable and you can either tuck the end of the capilliary tube under the radiator top hose or like me use one of their alloy housings in the middle of the hose and just screw the bulb in. It had to be dead simple for me to attempt it as I usually run away screaming when somebody mentions electrics. The only thing you have to watch out for is to mount the relay somewhere where it wont get wet Kevin
  19. Busmans right avoid death one way or another by using engine in kit car. At least you can tell her that is what its for. Us series 7 owners have to look out for each other.
  20. Hi, Having had a good result on ebay, namely getting a brand new set of boxed 15 inch alloy wheels for 150 quid I am now in the market for some new tyres. After a lot of research I have decided to plump for Federal 595RS-R, mainly because they seem to be almost as good as the 888's but a lot cheaper (and plenty good enough for my style of motoring). The prices I have seen seem to vary a heck of a lot so does anybody know of anywhere that would be cheap? I need them in 195/50/15. Regards Kevin
  21. I got one from Motad too and have just finished fitting it. It looks good and sounds fantastic and is a lot quieter than the old one. I think I paid 160 inc delivery but I didnt have the front pipe as I wanted to put a flexi join in.
  22. Dave, We tow a five berth caravan with a Honda CRV diesel and it copes with it fine. If you are used to camping in a tent this will change your way of life. Looks like a good van too. Ours was a 1000 pound job off ebay and it came with everything down to the bog roll! We don't use the shower in ours for the reasons already stated plus it can make the interior a bit humid. The battery should be charging all the time you are plugged into the mains and will power the water pump, if you are not on a hook up then it can be switched to power the 12v lights. We are off to Devon in ours this year but we use it for weekends away fishing, steam rallies and off course we will be going to the RHOCAR meet up at Hollowell in September
  23. I am still trying to get my new exhaust mounted between gales and storms. I have mounted it on two brackets fitted to the underside of the car, one around the end of the can where the next section fits in and one around the tailpipe. I have fitted both brackets so that the exhaust can sits centrally over a bobbin at either end so that movement is available in every horizontal plane. Up and down movement of the front pipe caused by any engine movement is taken care of by a flexible exhaust coupling which will fit on to the can. (not one of those pieces of spiral pipe but a proper one with fabricated ends which can be split and clamped). Although I have used quite big stiff bobbins there still seems to be a lot of movement side to side of the can so before I connect the rest of the system, how much movement do i need? I cant really think of any way to reduce movement without taking one or both bobbins out ot the equation and to be quite honest I am getting fed up with what should have been a simple job. As usual all comments gratefully appreciated. Kevin
  24. Nearly finished putting my new exhaust on. About time too, after three different plans I said to my wife thats it, there is no plan D it goes on even if it does look a bit agricultural. At least it will work and I do live in an agricultural area. Next plan is to blank off all the gaps in the front of the car so that all the air goes through the radiator ready for the warmer weather. Nice Stuka. For you ze winter project is over
  25. Well done. You'll have some fun with that.
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