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  1. I recently had someone do a carpark hit and run to my jeep around a £1000 worth, before the jeep was back from the body shop my van insurance (which cost less than £300 different company) wrote me saying they wanted another £700+ because I'd had a claim! and hadn't told them! would of been cheaper to have payed the body shop myself!!. apparently because they (the insurance mafia) couldn't claim the money from anyone else it's my fault!!! *bleep* off or what!!! and all my premiums will go up again at renewal even with protected no claims!!, I currently have 4 vehicle policies. one piece of good to come out of it is I've found that Saga insurance have a question "hit whilst parked (third party unknown)" and their a lot cheaper than any other quote I've had. probably don't do kit cars though
  2. put up a few photos of the car . I would think somethings not in the right place my screen fits with the 66" measurement fine?
  3. a web site that I'm involved with checks all links for potential problems don't ask me how I'm just a silver surfer but I will ask our site admin when I next see her. my AVG is a paid up version although that shouldn't make a difference, I will email them and ask why it flagged a virus. no harm done (well not to me anyhow).
  4. "";"Virus found JS/Redir.27_F, 7spot.ca/index.php/around-the-world-in-7/26-2016-in-pics-at-7spot";"Secured" MY AVG CAME UP WITH THIS SO IF YOU'VE VISITED THE LINK DO A VIRUS SCAN IMMEDIATELY. I QUESTION WHY THE WEB SERVER DIDN'T FIND THIS AND STOP IT!!!!
  5. how about updating the site so you can upload more than 1mb pictures! I go on a lot of free forums and websites where you can up load directly to the page without having to have a "photobucket" account (I dont and wont) I'm sure it cant be that difficult can it, if it's about room on a server then maybe theres a lot of old post's that could be deleted especially in the for sale section! also is there a way to delete my own post's? just my 2 pennies worth
  6. ivorbigun

    2B Speedo

    or you can buy a right angle adapter that fits onto the gearbox, a shorter cable should be available maybe a mini one would be worth a try? http://www.burtonpower.com/90-degree-speedo-drive-adaptor-gbt9560.html there are probably cheaper ones around!
  7. ivorbigun

    Side Reapeters

    I think this refers to side lights not indicators I read it the same as you the first time of course I could also be wrong wouldn't be the first time or the last!!
  8. back in the land of peace, quiet and internet so will get the manual uploaded to YouTube ASAP, will stick a post on here when it's done sorry for the delay, bloody work always get's in the way of what you really want to do!! haven't been in my workshop for over 2 month's .
  9. never met any of you in the flesh but thats a great way to spend my membership fee so no objections from me, realy nice to know your such a caring lot, and all good wishes for Helen,Phill and family.
  10. ivorbigun


    I have used thier call centre and had a good result when they charged me for somthing that didnt sell took a while to find the number from the website though!! but very helpfull staff on the phone must admit it wasant what I expected.
  11. yes I was, can you record the noise on your phone maybe? could be prop but more likely diff or box. as for diff level plug a good smack on the end of the torx bit when engaged to the plug sometimes works if you can get at it!!
  12. what happens if you just rest your foot on the clutch pedal so that the thrust bearing engages (I.E. not fully depressed) whilst moving??
  13. I remember I scanned mine with bar code scanner on my phone and let Google do the rest honestly can't remember what I found and I'm a long way away from my workshop computer at the moment. worth a try though.
  14. ivorbigun

    Brake Line Protection

    P clips either side of the bend if possible looks much more professional than a bit of rubber hose tied on, after all they do look at general build quality at IVA
  15. ivorbigun

    Clutch Setup

    if yer engine ain't running it may be difficult to select gears, clutch wouldn't make much difference when nothing's turning, although my mt75 with my own built gear change does go into all gears with nothing turning( takes a bit of wiggling sometimes) I'd start with the gear change first and clutch second. HTH
  16. I was sitting here board to death which is a good thing as it means everything's working as it should be anyhow got to thinking and wondered who really has the last one but I guess there's two categories 1 the last one to be built by GBS and 2 the last kit out of the door ? the original paperwork for mine tells me that the "superspec" kit left the factory in 2009 not sure which month don't have the paperwork with me, who has one later than that I wonder?
  17. apparently if you can taste salt you dont need it. when I'm traveling I always have sodium tablets with me. I've had to work in + 37 C before 20 minuets work = 1.5lts water and 40 minuets in the shade!! you can also lose 1lt per hour in - 25 C just from your breath! not a problem at the moment as rio de janeiro is colder than the UK!!!!
  18. will do, hoping for some contact from anyone who has copy's
  19. I get loads of stuff from here always cheaper than the Bay and never had a single problem, if you choose free shipping it normally comes china mail and I've never paid import duty or vat it's because it's paid at source I think. takes anywhere from 2 to 10 days for delivery. HTH someone. http://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?site=glo&g=y&SortType=price_asc&SearchText=dual+usb+socket+digital+voltmeter&groupsort=1&page=1&initiative_id=QRW_20160704014548&shipCountry=UK&needQuery=n&isFreeShip=y
  20. If you would like to send me a copy I'll put them on YouTube with the rest, I already have copyright permission from Richard to do so, could be of help to someone. also if anyone has any different ones I would happily do the same. I don't mind paying for dvd's and postage if required.
  21. and the bubbles that form don't dissipate back into the fluid so if you over heat it you have to change it on the plus side it doesn't soak up water, used by a lot of classic car owners to prevent seized callipers/wheel cylinders etc.
  22. Dot 5 boils at too low a temp for hard / racing use I am told?
  23. their only scrap one's anyway, good luck. by the way after reading one of your earlier post's about blocking one of your exhaust pipes I realised that my mates transit's( 2.3 petrol/lpg) poor running and unstable tick over was being caused by the hole in his exhaust so thanks for that.
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